Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just leaving this here.

It's good to have a sister who will hold your hand...

because you are on a walk together
because you are giggling together
because you are having a hard time
because you miss her
because you are frustrated
because you are friends, no matter the distance, no matter the fight
because you help each other.

Glad I have mine. Glad they have theirs.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello 2016!

Hi 2016! You have been good to us so far- so good that I haven't made the time to document much here. Here have been some of our highlights so far, since we are nearly halfway through (say what!? how did that happen?):

January: There is nothing quite like ringing in the new year with a Bunko Party at the Cutler house. So fun to have my two little experience it a little more this year (still not the Bunko part, but isn't it amazing that they slept through it!?).

February: Can you believe we had some nice enough days to squeeze a bike ride in with the bike trailer? (Thanks Miss T for that! The trailer, not the weather...) Mr. P got a year older, and when people asked my age, because he had turned 29, I aged myself early accidentally. 30 here I come! I'm ready.

March: Lot's of usual busy March stuff. Not many pictures from this house were taken in March. Oh. Except this one, which I guess it kind of a big deal. We are excited to get another sibling (sister anyone?!) for our family. Due mid-October.

April: Too many pictures to choose from in April. What a good month! A visit from my dear Australian friend, visits home to Boise, meeting my newest most adorable nephew, taking a 4-generation picture of Homer women with my G-ma and Mom and daughters, playing outside at parks, the list goes on and on.

May: Halfway through May, it's already hard to pick what to highlight here. Maybe this chalk picture does it best, because our outside play hours are picking up and changing us all for the better!

We are excited to see the rest of what you bring 2016!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hi Miss T-

Tonight I am avoiding. I tried calling you to chat so I could avoid. Just, you know. Those things that pile up at night that you know you need to do, but you just don't want to.

Dishes, laundry, making up Christmas dance recital routines, doing something with the zucchini monsters on my counter, doing something with the many tomatoes on the counter (I know. You convinced me I am capable of making tomato sauce, and I want to do that, I am just...avoiding it right now), cleaning up under the table, washing bottles and nipples, tidying, changing our closet lightbulb, doing stuff for church, more dishes and more laundry.

Yeah. Those are all the things I am avoiding right now. And I am avoiding it by choosing to document cute pictures of my girls dressed up and at a pumpkin patch. Because I remember all the times you have taken adorable pictures of your boys dressed up and/or at pumpkin patches, like this time, and this one, and this time, and this one. I LOVE IT.

So we didn't take any pictures with the nice camera, nor take the time to make sure we were in the nice scenery portion of the patch, BUT if you have cute subjects like a skeleton (thanks for the outfit!) and a cat, then it works out anyway.

Ok. I better be done avoiding now. Until next time,


Saturday, July 25, 2015

My American Girls

Dear Miss T,

Remember your American Girl Doll? You had Samantha, right? 

I always wanted one...but never got one (not because I wasn't loved...probably because I wanted other things more).

Well, now I have two of my very own. Meet JT and CC.
 How cute are these matchy matchy outfits?
 CC was good enough to sit still for a solo shot. 
JT didn't get a single portrait, but that's not my fault! I sure tried.
 Going for a double shot. Mmmm. Could be cuter.
Here is their furniture set you can buy with them. A couch with an all-American quilt!

What do you think? Clearly worth their own spot in the magazine catalogue.

Love, KK

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We LOVE Visitors!


It has been a busy summer for us already.  We have had a lot of fun visitors!  We love showing off our beautiful Oregon.

The month of August is wide open - anybody else want to come visit us? We will show you a good time!

-Miss T

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Aren't sisters the best?
You can always count on that younger sister to be stealing your eggs.