Monday, December 19, 2011

Special Sisters Series: A Christmas Wish

*Written by Tracey Christensen

This is our daughter.  In this image she's receiving physical therapy for her cerebral palsy.

When I see this photo, I'm overcome with sadness for her pain - both physical and emotional.  And I'm overcome with love and pride because of her determined and brave spirit.

The man who took this picture has dedicated hundreds of hours to telling the story of these little fighters with special needs.  It means a lot to me, because he didn't have to do it.  And he didn't have to love the kids.  But he did.

Mike Ririe is trying to publish a beautiful 120 page book with images of 18 children and submissions from several parents.  I believe it will be an inspiration to many, and will also provide opportunities for Now I Can to help even more children.  I want people to have the same opportunity to feel what I do when I see these images.

If you will visit and click the link on the home page, you can see more kids' images, and learn how you can pledge just $1 or more on Kickstarter, to make this book happen.

Mike only has until December 31, 2011 to raise the funds needed to make this happen.  I am hopeful that 'what goes around will come around' - and that his good works will be rewarded with much support.  Thank you for any help you can give.

I know there are so many worthy demands for your resources and I think you in advance for your consideration, and also for passing this on to your contacts.  If many of us give a little, the $12,000 goal can be reached and this "Now I Can" book will become a reality! Merry Christmas!

Click here to help with our Kickstarter project by December 31st!  
Watch a short video to learn more… or just pledge $1 or more.

A Temporary Solution

Dear Big D,

I know I called you around 4:45pm in tears.  It was a rough moment because our boys were fighting relentlessly and I was getting pinched and hit in the middle of it.  I felt completely frustrated and helpless as a mother.  What was I supposed to do?  After we hung up, I went downstairs and found a temporary solution.

Here it is:

T Bear was quarantined to the couch and Cub was left on his own.  This did temporarily eliminated the fighting and allowed me to at least load the dishwasher.

After a day like this I wonder, "Why did we have more than one child?"  and "How did my mom have 6 kids?"

Finally bedtime rolled around and I snuggled each one of my boys.  I read to them, sang to them some songs and told them how much I loved them.  Which I really do love them, even when I wonder how I am supposed to be a patient mother to these boys.

I am doing much better now that the boys are asleep.  Tonight I will get on my knees and pray for more patience.

Miss T

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who Needs Toys For Christmas?

KK -

Who really needs toys for Christmas when you can have some cardboard boxes?  My boys love playing with boxes.  They make trains, cars, houses and even TVs out of boxes.  Tonight they just spent a good 10 minutes hitting a box with a paper towel roll.  They thought it was hilarious (me too).

T Bear is beyond excited for Christmas.  He talks about how he is going to get a "beautiful" present from Santa because he is being so nice.  Although he is excited about Santa, his most favorite thing about Christmas is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  He sings this song about 10,000 times per day.

Last Sunday, I took T Bear caroling with some of the older kids from church.  The kids were singing "Away in a Manger" when T Bear started singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" at the top of his lungs.  He would not stop trying to sing over everyone else even as I pulled him away from the group.  All the kids giggled, and T Bear loved the attention.

So for your personal enjoyment, I have recorded T Bear singing "Rudolph" to Cub.

And if you want more T Bear, Rudolph, and Cub, click here to watch.

-Miss T

Friday, December 2, 2011

Destination Wedding

 KK & Mr P were married today in the Laie Hawaii Temple.  It was beyond beautiful.

Love from Hawaii,
-Miss T