Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Miracle

 After almost a week in the hospital, Baby Cub is home.  He is our Christmas miracle this year.

Last Sunday, we took Baby Cub to the ER because we thought he was dehydrate from not eating all day.  In the ER, suddenly 20 people were surrounding Baby Cub because he was barely breathing.  They were pumping air into him and calling for a crash cart.  It was the scariest moment of our lives.  They were able to stabilize him and move him to the ICU. 

The next day, Baby Cub tested positive for RSV.  He spent the next 4 days in the ICU trying to get better.  We feel very blessed to have been at Seattle Children's Hospital.  We received excellent care and loved all of the doctors and nurses who took care of us.  

We know many prayers were answers on the behalf of Baby Cub.  We are so thankful for the power of prayer and priesthood blessings.  We are thankful for modern medicine that also helped save our baby's life.

As we left the hospital Big D said, "Well we lost 1 bottle in the ER, 1 pajama outfit (that they cut off him in the ER) and 1 week of our lives here. "  I finished saying, "Yes, but we have our baby."

Our hearts are full this Christmas with love for our Baby Cub, family, friends, and our Savior.

-Miss T

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Walking to be HEALTHY!

Hey Miss T,

Yuck. I thought nothing could be worse than being sick, but now I can see that having a child that is sick is far worse than being sick yourself. I promise you I am praying for, and eagerly awaiting the healthy recovery of your Baby Cub.

And also in the mean time we are keeping T-bear on track to good health as well. This morning when Miga and I decided to exercise, we realized we could put our work-out DVD on the wall with the projector. Who doesn't want to jazz up their morning exercise with a big screen instructor, life-size in front of you? So we put on Miga's "Walk away the pounds" DVD and began walking. Well, it's stepping in place, then marching or "knee lifts", and some side-to-side-step action. So we began our exercise and T-Bear sat at the table eating a cinnamon roll.

The exercise gal gave us some compliments on our energy (how she knows that we have good energy I do not know, but we sure did because even B-town was exercising with us!), and then encouraged us to begin knee-lifts. We began, and behind me I heard a little pounding noise, and then another one. I turned, and do you know what I saw?

The best looking knee-lifts in the Treasure Valley! Then, after the knee lifts the gal said we were going to do something a little more difficult, and she whipped out the kicks. But don't you worry one little bit. T-Bear has those kicks under control too!

Please notice the figures projected on the wall in the back, and look at T-bear's technique. I have only two words: GOOD FORM!

And in conclusion, we all did side-to-side steps.

This was when T-bear finally got the courage to come and join us in the family room. Can you believe he just did this of his own accord? Do you like how we are marching our way back to health? If only you and Baby Cub could do it with us....

We'll walk more with you when you get here too!

Love, Kk

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



I have been anxiously waiting for the time we can get together to watch White Christmas this season.  Unfortunately, the viewing is being put on hold for now.

Baby Cub is in the Seattle Children's Hospital wtih RSV.  It was very scary at first, but he is doing better and will be moved from the ICU today.  We will still be in the hospital for a few days.

I am still praying for a Christmas miracle.  Regardless, we WILL get together and watch White Christmas, even if it is techinically after the Christmas season.

Please take care of my T Bear in Boise.

-Miss T

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Best Place For Books.

Hello there Miss T!
Wouldn't you say it's nice to be read books in bed? It's also nice to read books at the library. And to read books in a park. It works out great to read while commuting on the bus, or to kill time while you wait for an event to begin. And in case you have forgotten, or in case you never knew, there is also one place that is simply the best for books. At least Papa and T-bear thing so.

Ok really you are the genius who introduced me to this best place for books: reading to T-bear in the bathroom! But I love to see it continue on with Papa. We love having T-bear visit us Miss T, and are eager for you to join us. I just could not resist snapping this picture. Just remember everyone if you find yourself in a special place, always keep a book handy.

Love, KK

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christ mas with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir AND David Archuleta!

Dear Tenley,

I feel like I have just met the most adorable boy. Except I didn't really actually meet him, but I feel like I have. That's right, I feel like I have met David Archuleta.

Last night I attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert (EEEEeee! Myabe my favorite thing ever! This is a PS to the favorite things series). Each year this world-renowned choir invites a guest artist to sing with them, and this year just happened to be the young and adorable American-Idol success pop-star David Archuleta. I was a bit of an indifferent fan of David's prior to last night, but I have since purchased a ticket on the David Archuleta Train and am riding first class.

Conveniently I attended the concert with a family who had two things going for them:
1. The Dad is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
2. The son is friends with David!!!
As we walked to the Conference Center they talked about David as if he were just the kid next door. Oh yes... because HE WAS! They talked about how he hung out at their house, sung at middle school choir concerts, and kinda shrugged and giggled whenever he ran out of something to say. They told me about how he spoke in their church on Sunday and when they asked why he was speaking and not singing, the church leader said, "You've all heard him sing, now I want you to hear him speak." He talked about how everywhere he travels (and man this kid travels!) he goes to the temple in whatever city he is in, and tries to go every week! Wouldn't that be cool to visit temples all over the world? To sum up, he's just an adorable boy, with a huge happy grin, and a genuine spirit. His smile is contagious, and you can't help but love his boyish charisma. He must have said 6 or 7 times how grateful he was to be singing for us. It was as if we were his gift, as opposed to his concert being a gift to us. Endearing. Very endearing that boy. Yes, I am now a David Archuleta fan, but mostly just a fan of his real life. His voice is equally lovely.

I also have a new favorite Christmas Carol. It's called "The Cat and the Mouse Carol." I had never heard it before, and if you are like me you are thinking "that sounds like a dumb name for a Christmas carol." But oh! It is the sweetest little Christmas song, and the perfect combination of artists to sing it is David Archuleta and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The carol tells the story of a cat and mouse who were in the stable when Jesus was born. I don't want to say anymore because I want you to google it and look it up. I will buy the cd when it comes out, if for this song only, but lucky me! Every song on the cd will be fantastic.

I wish you could have been there with me. It was wonderful. I couldn't help but thinking to myself, "Wow, what a wonderful gift David has been given to share with the world!" I may or may not have been jealous for a few minutes. And then I said a prayer in my heart to ask if I might be able to share whatever gift I've been given to share, as beautifully as David shares his gift. Surely my gift is not that of song, but it's something. So if it's just to be a good Auntie to T-bear and Baby Cub, or a good sister to you, or to whomever, then I will do it and love it!

Love you sis,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One of "Those" Mothers

Dear KK,

A little while ago, Big D and I watched the new Karate Kid movie.   In the movie the boy starts a new school in China.  His mom walks him to the front of the school.  The boy tells his mom that he doesn't need her to walk with him into the school.  As the boy walks away, the mom yells out "I LOVE YOU!" The boy turns around and gives her a look that says, "STOP I can't believe you just did that!"

At that moment I realized that I am totally going to be one of those moms.  When I take T Bear to his first day of school, I am going to cry and yell all sorts of things at him. "I LOVE YOU!"  "Remember who you are!" "You are the smartest boy in the world!"  "Don't forget to be nice!"  Do you have your lunch?"  "Choose the right!  "You can do it!" "I'll be here waiting for you!"  "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" "Kisses!"

I just don't think I will be able to help myself.  I know T Bear is going to hate me for it, but sorry, I just love him so much.  Don't you feel bad for him?

Love you too!
-Miss T

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Sweaters.

Dear Miss T,

Wow. I feel like I've been gone. In the hub-bub of the end-of-semester flurries and the rush of holidays I slipped into the casual viewer of sisters blog, catching a read most every day, but sometimes playing catch up for a day or two, and loving every post you made. So, I feel like I want to tell you a bit of what I've been doing while I've been away, and it has to do with something of the season.

Ever heard of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties? It's the fad of work parties I guess. CMS of BYU OIT put on an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest for our Christmas work party, and you are now related to the winner of that contest! That's right, I borrowed a killer sweater from my neighbor (who brought down a whole array of ugly sweater options when I went to ask if I could borrow one), and wore it with such Christmas spirit and energy that it could hardly be contained. The first thing my boss said when she saw me was "Wow! That's a cute sweater!" And I think she really meant it.'s not that my sweater was truly ugly, though some may deem it that, but it certainly carried on the legacy of puffy paint, iron-on, Santa and reindeer, and Christmas trees, and snowflakes, and shining star Christmas sweaters of the past.

These days I don't really have a special "Christmas" sweater, but I do love to wear sweaters at Christmas time. A turtle neck sweater, or a wrap sweater. A fuzzy sweater or a striped sweater. I love them all. And I do love to think about what I will wear Christmas Eve night, just because I want to look kind of special in honor of the Christmas celebration. Part of that looking special includes a certain big sister doing my hair. Do you think that certain big sister would be up for that again this year? I hope so!

Let me know if you find any adorable sweaters for little T-bear and Baby Cub to wear. Oh that will just be beyond adorable, I'm sure.

Love, Auntie Kk

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Cub's Big Event


I really missed you this weekend.  

This last Sunday we blessed Baby Cub at church.  Miga, Poppa, Grandpa P, and Aunt L, came for this baby blessing.  On Sunday morning, Miga asked if I had tried on the white blessing outfit on Baby Cub. I realized I had not, and I probably should have because it may not fit.  Baby Cub is a fat baby, but we were able to put the blessing outfit on.  We were just unable to button the top button by the neck (he has like a triple chin!).  

Dressed in a white outfit and wrapped in a white blanket, Big D blessed him.  It was beautiful.  I feel very blessed to have another son to be a mother to.  It is overwhelming at times to think about the importance of raising a child, therefore I just have to take it one day at a time and hope my boys will turn out alright.

While the main event was Baby Cub's baby blessing, the rest of the weekend revolved around T Bear.  He was thrilled to have 4 more adults to cater to his every need and want.  He told them what to do, play, eat, say and more.  And for being 2 years old, I think he did a great job being gracious and kind to our visitors.  

We enjoyed the weekend.  The only part I did not enjoy was the crazy storm Saturday night that resulted in a power outrage, a visit from the fire department at 4:30am and flooding water.  Can I just say I am done being an apartment manager, and I am started to get excited to move?

I really wished you could have been here this last weekend, but I am looking forward to seeing  you soon.  Good luck on finals this week!

-Miss T

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 12 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Day 12 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:
Wishful Betrothals

My best friend Dani came to visit me in Seattle and brought her Baby Liv.  We decide that my Baby Cub and Baby Liv should get married.  We talked about bathing them together and taking pictures that would humiliate them as adults.  We didn't do it, instead we took "engagement" photos.  

It remind me of when you are little and you have people you wish to marry when you get older.  For me, I wanted to marry Jack on Newsies.  (I'm sure someone else wanted to as well - right, Kenz?)

Dani also said that her 4 year old daughter wanted to married her 7 year old brother.  When she asked why she could not, the 7 year old boy said with disgust, "Because it is illegal!"

I know you, KK, would actually like a true Betrothal, but that doesn't happen now days.  You can still have a wishful betrothal though...... Jack?

-Miss T

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 11 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 11 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

I love mint floss. Don't give me cinnamon, don't give me plain, and for gosh darn sure do not give me DENTO-Tape. That stuff is painful.  But mint floss is perfect. It leaves in place of food residue, a fresh minty taste between each and every tooth. Flossing in and of itself can seem to be a pain, but if developed into a habit, flossing with mint floss each evening just as you prepare for bed, can be all-in-all, theraputic. I love love mint floss. I hope you do too.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DAY 10 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 10 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

Chocolate & Real
I love Hershey Kisses.  They are a perfect chocolate treat.

Real kisses are great too.

So go on, go give someone a kiss today!  It will help you get in the Christmas Spirit.  

-Miss T

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DAY 9 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 9 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:


Rainboots are one of the greatest inventions ever.  There are few things that can make a situation go from fine to miserable faster than cold wet feet.  Rain boots prevent this problem, and actually allow you to walk through puddles just because you want to!  I have a pair that I wear nearly every day right now, because there is snush (snow and slush) on the ground as I walk to school.  It is my favorite thing to walk around campus with dry feet all day long.  I love me some rain boots. 


Monday, December 6, 2010

DAY 8 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 8 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:



Here are the ideas from on how to have a more worshipful Christmas: 
  • Replace some holiday decorations in your home with reminders of Christ.
  • Politely decline requests that will take you away from family.
  • Play more Christmas music.
  • Donate gently used items to a thrift store.
  • Go Christmas caroling.
  • Avoid “mad rush” shopping times.
  • Say thank you as often as possible.
  • Schedule a night to help another person or family.
  • Call someone you normally wouldn't to wish him or her a Merry Christmas.

  • Delegate some holiday preparations to children or other family members.
  • Trim the gift list.
  • Simplify a traditional activity.
  • Find quiet time to pray.
  • Write down great memories as they happen.
  • Set and stick to a holiday budget.
  • Forgive a grudge.

-MIss T

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DAY 7 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 7 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

This is a type of cereal.  It is my favorite.  It's from the United Kingdom.  So when you read this, I hope you hear this in a British accent.  I first learned about Shreddies when my roommate and I were shopping in London, freshly arrived and scrimping on our groceries.  Shreddies were on sale, they had the label Nestle, and looked like a winner cereal that we were willing to take a risk on.  Risk was worth it!! Shreddies are whole-grain wheat squares, and most often we got the chocolate flavored shreddies with frosting. Mmmm delicious!  Absolutely perfect with milk.  They taste better than any.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

DAY 6 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way!

Day 6 of Oprah's 12 Day Holiday Give-O-way

Enter to win some of Oprah's favorite things.


Here is one of my favorite things:

People ask me if I love sushi since I served a mission in Japan.  I do like sushi, but I love giyoza.  Fortunately I had been introduced to giyoza before going to Japan, thanks to my Dad.  But while in Japan, I got to enjoy giyoza more frequently.  I even got to go to giyoza making parties.  I had Japanese giyoza and Chinese giyoza, and I loved them all.  Now, we frequently have giyoza and it is one of T Bear's favorite.  We were at our favorite Teriyaki place and T Bear ate about 6 giyoza alone - it was impressive for a 2 year.  So the next time you are out, don't order sushi - order GIYOZA!

-Miss T