Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Walking to be HEALTHY!

Hey Miss T,

Yuck. I thought nothing could be worse than being sick, but now I can see that having a child that is sick is far worse than being sick yourself. I promise you I am praying for, and eagerly awaiting the healthy recovery of your Baby Cub.

And also in the mean time we are keeping T-bear on track to good health as well. This morning when Miga and I decided to exercise, we realized we could put our work-out DVD on the wall with the projector. Who doesn't want to jazz up their morning exercise with a big screen instructor, life-size in front of you? So we put on Miga's "Walk away the pounds" DVD and began walking. Well, it's stepping in place, then marching or "knee lifts", and some side-to-side-step action. So we began our exercise and T-Bear sat at the table eating a cinnamon roll.

The exercise gal gave us some compliments on our energy (how she knows that we have good energy I do not know, but we sure did because even B-town was exercising with us!), and then encouraged us to begin knee-lifts. We began, and behind me I heard a little pounding noise, and then another one. I turned, and do you know what I saw?

The best looking knee-lifts in the Treasure Valley! Then, after the knee lifts the gal said we were going to do something a little more difficult, and she whipped out the kicks. But don't you worry one little bit. T-Bear has those kicks under control too!

Please notice the figures projected on the wall in the back, and look at T-bear's technique. I have only two words: GOOD FORM!

And in conclusion, we all did side-to-side steps.

This was when T-bear finally got the courage to come and join us in the family room. Can you believe he just did this of his own accord? Do you like how we are marching our way back to health? If only you and Baby Cub could do it with us....

We'll walk more with you when you get here too!

Love, Kk

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  1. Hilarious. Thanks for keeping my boy movin' and grovin'!