Friday, January 31, 2014

Babysitting Co-op


As you know, I started a babysitting co-op here in OR.  It is very similar to the one I was part of in Seattle.  Today was my shift.  I had 6 extra bodies at my house today and I thought we should do something FUN!

Why not make a music video to capture the craziness of children?

*And yes, Cub does know that he is wearing a Captain America costume, not Ironman.

We had a lot of fun and it only took less than an hour to throw together once we took the shots.

Isn't childhood great?

-Miss T

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Left behind. Brown bag tradition.

Dear Miss T,

No one likes to be left behind, and especially not for trips. You just feel like you are missing something great when you get left behind for a trip (because you are). Sometimes it is just the pits to be left alone, and it is always the pits to miss someone you love and have them be far away. 

Mom and Dad knew all of these things, but they also knew that for their sanity and happiness they would need to leave us kids behind and go on trips. So they did. I remember one particular trip, they started a tradition to ease our pain. They left us to gallavant about England, and I remember crying the night before they left because I was going to miss them so much. This is pre-trip pain. Can't be helped much. But then Mom showed me a surprise in her room. 

A brown bag line up! 

For each day that they would be gone there was a labeled brown bag. She told me that after school each day we could open the bag for that day. Suddenly I had something to look forward to each day she was gone. And something to prove that she remembered me. The things in the bags were just little things, like after school snacks or popcorn to eat with a movie that night. But it made it so much easier to be left behind. 

Fast forward to yesterday. I went to visit our sister in law ATown. Our brother had left for four days and she was going to be alone. I walked in and saw a happy site. A brown bag line up!

Isn't that pretty cute and sweet of our brother. It just makes the pain of being left behind not so bad. :) I know you did this for your boys too when you went to Japan. I know I will do it for Baby J one day too. 

Here's to the simple happiness inside a brown bag. 
Love kk

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Matchy Matchy

Dear Miss T,

This happened tonight. I got a text from L-Fo that her daughter, Baby M (born just days ago!), was wearing a little nightie that she knew Baby J had. So of course I go change Baby J into the same little nightie and send a picture. 
Is it ok that we are planning on them being best friends? I mean I know everyone needs to pick their own friends, but I feel like this one can't be optional. ;) 

What do you think Miss T?
Love KK

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Day

Dear Miss T,

Oh how I wish I was serenading you with High School Musical Wii kareoke...
 And that you were snuggled up with Baby J on the couch right now.
Wasn't it great when that happened on New Year's Day?

Love, KK