Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Your Little Olympians

Hey Miss T,

Thought you might want to see the incredible video footage of your two little Olympians. Didn't you know they qualified not only in different events, but in different sports!?

Thank you for letting me borrow the boys today. It was great having them as the star children of the new program I am in charge of at Miller Community Center. It's an hour of play for ages 0-4 with a guided 15 minute activity, which this week and next is based around the Olympics. So you'll have to bring your little Olympians back because they are seasoned athletes now, and hopefully more friends will come to play too. See here or here for more details (all ages are welcome all the time right now).

Love, your boys' #1 Olympics Fan

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Little Olympian

 Good Morning Early-Riser,

I know this may shock you because it surely shocked me, but if you thought Mr. P was not much of a morning person, he has you fooled.

Yesterday morning I was minding my own business, enjoying bed just thinking about the day when at 7:20 I hear an alarm go off, and then from Mr. P, "Good morning!" I thought it would just be the usual sleepy-say-the-words-roll-over-go-back-to-sleep salutation, but to my surprise he sat up and said in a very awake voice (more so than mine!), "Should we check out what's on the Olympics?" and brightly grabbed his laptop and pulled up an Olympic preliminary soccer game. No doubt about it, he was up and awake at 7:20 am!

If you think that is just a coincidence, let me tell you about this morning. Around 2 am Mr. P returned from seeing the new Batman movie with Big D. The movie was so exciting and thrilling (nearly 3 hours long, but only seemed like 1 reportedly) that Mr. P was wired! After waking me up to tell me about the movie, we finally both went to sleep around 2:30. Just a few wee hours later another alarm goes off. The time was 6:20 to be exact. And Mr. P once again says brightly "Good morning!" I rolled over groggily. He gets his laptop out once again to support Team USA. Go American Basketball! And our red-white-and-blue Lebron and Kobe did us basketball-proud in their first Olympic game in London.

And so, as you can see Mr. P IS a morning person.  A selectively morning person. Amazing, right? Well now I know, and so do you. 

Love Usually Early-Riser Kk

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue Mystique

Hey Miss T,

I vote you the best Team Leader of Ragnar Support. Thank you for coming to watch and cheer us on with the boys, despite our idiocy in running in costume for 36 hours or so.

I had an excellent time as "Blue Mystique," in the words of T-bear. I got up at 4 am to have my face painted blue and textured with black and white for the scales.  I wore a spandex body suit that covered even my hands, so for 36 hours it was as if I had a pair of gloves on (I don't recommend eating chips like that...greasy business that doesn't wash away easily). I ran and chasse'ed my way to victory with the villains. So you know, if you ever get runner's knee, or have trouble with your IT band, then chasse-ing is a lot easier on the knee than you first think. I kicked it with Van 1 and cheered for my teammates at their exchanges, and I loved the big exchanges where we all got together and had dance parties.

If you are wondering if you should ever do the Ragnar, or even ever consider doing it, then the answer is most likely yes, and do it in costume please. It's a blast.

Love, Mystique

Friday, July 20, 2012

Vote for the Villains!

Hi Everyone,

In case you haven't heard, Big D, KK, Mr. P and B-town are running in the Ragnar RIGHT NOW.  They are dressed as Villains.  

The villains include: Mystique, Darth Vador, Shredder, Jafar, Voldemort, CatWoman, Elle (nurse from Kill Bill), Phantom, Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, Cruella DeVille, skeletor, and Hannibal Lector. 

They are putting on quite a show, but they need our VOTES to help them win BEST TEAM OVER ALL.

Please send a text to 53535 and put in the message "HOMECOMING 120 You'd Better Run"

Thank you and pass it on to those who love to text! And best of luck to those running through the night tonight!

-Miss T

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi Miss T,

In my long absence from writing to you, I have been doing many things.

1. Creating Shredder armor for Mr. P for the upcoming Ragnar Race (he mastered the helmet). Impressive, don't you think? But...definitely not the best running apparel.

2. Purchasing a ridiculously adorable puppy named Nellie, but having Btown pick her up and take care of her until I get back to Utah (I can't wait to see her again). Yes, she looks a lot like our childhood dog. Yes, I am weirdly trying to replace my childhood dog. Yes, the timing is not ideal.  And yes, I am still happy I got her.  One look at the face, and I'm history.
3.  Vacationing in my favorite place, with my favorite people. (McCall Idaho, Ponderosa State Park to be specific. Mr. P, Miga and Poppa, you, and the rest of the family.)

4. Watching Big D carry his whole family (yes all four of you are in that picture...T-bear's head is all you can see of him, and maybe some feet). This is not the only occasion where I have seen it done. This is truly an amazing feat.

5. And nursing Mr. P's ridiculously huge burst blister (this picture was taken after one mile of the backpacking hike...he proceeded to hike 25 more! Needless to say, this picture is MILDLY reminiscent of the sand-dollar sized beauty now oozing pus and blood on the back of his heel, too graphic to be pictured).

Life is always exciting, isn't it?
Love you,
Love KK

Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving Friends

T Bear's "yummy doughnut" face at Mighty-Os

Last night T Bear said in his prayer: "Please help me to be nice to my friends who haven't moved yet."

We currently have had a lot of T Bear's friends move.  When I first told him that his best friends were moving, he cried as I pushed him through Safeway.

Now several of them have moved, and a couple more by the end of the summer.  It breaks my heart.  It also means my friends are moving too.  Life can be hard.

Luckily we have super-hero Cub to brighten our day. He has no idea what is going gone, but we like it that way.

-Miss T