Monday, July 28, 2014

How My 6 yr old Ended Up on YouTube


Yesterday was Sunday.  After church, we fed the boys and got two of them down for a nap.  We told T Bear that he would be having quiet time on the couch.  We left a pile of things to entertain him while we snuck upstairs to take a nap ourselves.

Let me back up a little.  Miga bought T Bear a monster tail loom (similar to the super popular rainbow looms) during our long road trip.  T Bear has loved making bracelets, necklaces, and key chains on his loom.  He likes to watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make things.

Back to Sunday, T Bear wanted to have the iPad to watch YouTube tutorials while he had quite time.  We told him no, because we don't really want him to be surfing YouTube without supervision.  

A few minutes later, we were about to drift oft to sleep in our room, we heard something.  We hear a beep, then T Bear saying "Hi! I'm Troy and I'm going to show you how to make a bracelet using the mini loom."  

We smothered our giggles as we listened to him record himself on his kid's camera.  Unfortunately his camera doesn't have the capacity to record longer that 60 seconds.  We heard him stop.  Big D said he would get up and help him make a  real tutorial.  He went downstairs and got his camera and filmed T Bear.  

Then this morning, it was my turn to help T Bear edit and upload his video to YouTube.  He was excited!  

So if you have 7 minutes to spare, you can watch his tutorial here:

Happy Rubber Band Looming!

-Miss T

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Dear Miss T,

Lately I feel needy inside. Do you know what that feels like? Tonight I was trying to figure out why I feel needy (though I am hoping I am not behaving too needy-ly), and I wasn't really getting anywhere just thinking about it.

So I ended up clicking through some recent pictures and I found this one:

This picture was taken near Southern Idaho at a ranch up in the mountains. Our friends have a small cabin up there. Limited if any running water, limited electricity. Small one room cabin with a loft. Beautiful hills and grass all around. We woke up early the morning we were there and I spent the morning outside with my girls. When I look at the picture and think on the simplicity of a life that used to rely on crops and animals in that area, then I get a new perspective of needs. What does a girl really need? Her girls (or boys in your case).And a quiet mountain top. And someone to snap a great picture of the moment. ;)

Anyway, I hope to keep a fresh perspective on my needs. My actual needs. I do not need to know the future right now, though I really really want to. I do not need ice cream before going to bed each night (though maybe my body is trained to think that now? Uh oh). I do not need to be thanked for all the laundry, meals, and care I try to give, but it's nice when that happens. :) I do need you. So thank you for being there for me.

Good night,


(This was Paul's idea of "fun" which scared me near to death. But he "needed" to take her on the four wheeler...haha to be a fun Dad I guess.)

Love, Kk

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hagg Lake Tri


This month I did the Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon.

I wish I could stay that I trained for the event,  but I didn't.  I did complete all of the elements at some point before the event.

I convinced two of my new Oregon friends to join me on this crazy adventure.  It turned out that Kendra, was quite the multi-sport athlete in her college days.  So she kicked it up a gear and competed fiercely.  She was quite impressive and rocked the triathlon.

Ashley and I were not on the competitive level like Kendra.  We were there to have fun and our goal was COMPLETION.  Our wave the last to start, so we were cheering everyone one on.  We danced to the music as we went through the transition stations.  We waved to our family and the cameras.  We had a great time and COMPLETED!!!

It was exciting!  I did "endo"-ed on my bike (Dad would be proud).  I tried to brake to stop to pick up Ashley's water bottle for her and crashed.  Apparently true racers don't stop for dropped water bottles!

The kids loved swimming in Hagg Lake on such a beautiful day after the race.  The next day I told Big D that I did not feel sore.  Big D said that meant I did not push myself hard enough.  It was true, I did not.  But remember that was not my goal!!! 

Do you want to join me next year?  

-Miss T

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 5th

Hey Miss T-

Coincidentally all 6 of us siblings were in Utah for the 4th of July weekend. Last year we planned it all together with the help of Mom and Dad inviting us to the Stadium of Fire, but this year we were all doing different things and still ended up in the same geographic area. Pretty crazy!

Even though most of us had plans with the in-laws, it somehow worked out to get together for breakfast on the 5th of July, hence Happy 5th! Thank you all in-laws for making it happen. It was so fun to catch up with each other as siblings. Can you believe that it isn't just the six of us anymore? Look at what it has grown to!

Love, Kk