Friday, December 26, 2014

White Christmas Viewing

Dear Miss T,

Had my annual White Christmas Viewing a few days ago. Thanks Odge and B-town for the company and cookies.

I just may be hoping to watch it again with you when you come in a few days.

I know you had a Merry Christmas because I know what went down at your house Christmas morning, but I would love to see oodles of pictures of your new furry friend. But Merry Christmas nonetheless one and all!!

Much love, kk

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Cheer

Miss T,

I finally caught a smile on camera from this girl.
She was smiling up at Mr. P. Just a little Christmas cheer to share.

Love Kk

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hi Miss T.

Any more talk about Big D's D.A.D.? After last night, I am on the D.A.D. train and fully support you getting and training one. Maybe some people are skeptical of a Diabetic Alert Dog, but let me explain my new perspective.

Last night, Nellie (typical house-dog, toy poodle breed) saved me from being the worst Mom ever. We put JT down to bed after dinner. She did eat a lot, but that's nothing new, and she went down like a champ. About 45 minutes later I was about to feed Baby C and I hear some crying from JT's room. I thought to myself, "I am just going to feed Baby C, and if she is still crying when I am done I will go in and check on her." Well, within about ten minutes the crying had stopped. So I finished feeding Baby C and got up to do some dishes.

Suddenly Nellie rushes up to me whining and acting funny. I thought "Oh she needs to go out again, but she can wait until I finish the dishes." But she didn't run to the door, she ran to JT's door and whined and ran in circles and jumped up on the door. What?! That was strange behavior. In that moment I felt like I was in a movie. Was my dog trying to tell me something? But it wasn't a good feeling like being in a movie. It was a scary feeling. A worried feeling. And also a skeptical feeling--like if that dog is wrong I am going to be ticked. I heard a cough from inside though, and got more worried than skeptical. Nellie was still frantic at the door, so I told myself "the humidifier probably needs more water anyway."

I opened the door gently and saw JT sleeping at the end closest to the door. She lightly stirred when I opened the door, but coughed some more. I patted her back and said "Lay down. It's ok." Then I went straight to the humidifier as planned. As I took it out of the room, I thought it odd that JT didn't sit up- she usually does not heed my instruction to lay down for very long. Plus it smelled weird.

I filled up the humidifier and went back in the room. It definitely smelled weird. Actually it smelled horrible. And Nellie was still jumping and whining but in the room now. I returned to the crib and reached down to JT. She turned her head and suddenly I saw that she had thrown-up a grown-up amount in her crib...and it was literally everywhere. :( POOR GIRL! Had it not been for Nellie, would I have left her in there all night with that mess!? I can't even think about it. I get sick and teary if I think about what could have happened had Nellie not alerted me, and it's not even a life or death situation.

Needless to say, I am so grateful I had an alert dog last night. These two little babies have a very imperfect mother who needs to be a little more diligent in checking on them in the night. But I will do better. And thank goodness we got everything taken care of last night. So hopefully JT will be swinging happily again soon!

And thank you to Nellie for saving me from being the worst mother ever by being my T.A.D. Throw-up Alert Dog. And I support a D.A.D. for Big D. You know I already did anyway, but that was because I am a dog person. But now I am a concerned-in-the-night-person. ;)

Love, Kk

Friday, November 7, 2014


Dear Miss T,

Where do I even start? My heart is so full. JT got the best gift in the world yesterday: a sister. I don't quite think she grasps at all what is going on, but she was pleasant and cute with Baby C when she met her, so I will take that good start and run with it.

This delivery (scheduled c-section) has gone so much smoother than my last (emergency c-section). Already I am recovering so much better. My nurse Zophia found out I like Oreos, and has kept me well stocked throughout her night shift. That has got to be what is making the difference!

Baby C looks a lot like JT, and all throughout yesterday I kept accidentally calling her by JT's name. However, as I cuddled her last night I can tell she is different than JT. Just like you have been telling me, they are different babies and I will be surprised about how they have their unique different behaviors and preferences. I am excited to see what Baby C has in store fo me. Can't believe we are now a family of four!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mr. Graffiti


Meet Mr. Graffiti.  He is only 21 months, but becoming a professional at graffiti.  

So far Grizzly has colored on walls, a booster seat, walls, railing, walls, books, walls, dressers, walls, table, and more walls.

He is not picky about what he uses - crayons, markers, pencils, pens or paint.

I have been racking my brain as to why Grizzly seems to draw on everything BUT paper when my other two boys did not have this same problem.  

Finally, I figure it out.  The problem is my other two boys.  Every time I turn around, T Bear is looking for a pencil or pen to write, draw or do homework.  Cub can get out crayons, colored pencils or markers all by himself.  Then the boys leave these things out on the floor.  Along comes Grizzly, who grabs them and turns into Mr. Graffiti, leaving me love notes and pictures all over my house.

It is incredible frustrating but then I look at that sweet face, and I don't care that much.  Just means I need to invest in some more white eraser things.

Love this sweet boy.

-Miss T

*Thanks Tiffany for a great pic of this cute kid!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Bad Mothering Moment

Dear Miss T,

Yesterday, I made a bad decision as a mother. JT found a bottle of brown nail polish in the bathroom cupboard. She was thrilled about it. I tried to trade it away from her with her toothbrush, but she was pretty insistent on keeping the nail polish. I thought to myself, "She can't get it open, she can't choke on it, she's loving carrying it around, so why not let her keep holding it?" So I did.

Big Mistake.

After about an hour of holding/playing/holding-some-more with the bottle of nail polish, she followed me into the kitchen. The kitchen has nice big tiles as the flooring. She slipped (as she often still does) when changing floor surfaces from wood to tile and fell, catching herself with her hands. Except one hand was clutching the nail polish bottle. Yes. You guessed it. It shattered.

She started screaming and I stood in shock for about 1.5 seconds. My brain was going nuts as fast as possible trying to figure out what the best way would be to even begin to clean this up. We're talking nail polish here. NAIL POLISH! Not water soluble. Even though it seemed like not the best idea, it was the only idea I had, so I scooped her up hurriedly and shoved her hands under the sink. She screamed all the more, and as you can guess, the nail polish didn't really come off at all. Instead, with her flailing hands it was also getting all over my shirt, her new PJ's, and the kitchen sink. Somehow I gathered the presence of mind to strip her and take a picture. Seriously can't quite remember all that was going on.

New PJ's. Ruined. :( But she will still wear them. For a long long time.
Not pictured here: paint on tile, paint on my shirt, paint on my hands, paint on the faucet and in the sink, paint on bins sitting near site of the accident.

For the rest of the day she looked like she was trying to have some brown skin. Can you see it all the way past her wrist on her forearm there?

Pretty much it ruined my morning. Not so much because my nail polish was gone, or the new PJ's were ruined, but because this was a dumb accident that could have been easily avoided if I hadn't had a bad mothering moment and talked my way out of taking the nail polish away from her. I had to run to the store to get some acetone so I could clean the floor and sink. I tried to blot out the stain on the PJ's, but to no avail. What a stressful and disappointing morning. But hey--at least I can say I won't let that bad mothering moment happen again! Right?

Love, Brown-painted hands Kk

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Japan is in da House!

Konnichiwa Miss T-

Wish you were here in P-town so you could be here with our Japan in da house! 

Yesterday we picked up Ryo-kun, who will be with us for one week. He is polite, shy, and totally adorable for a 14-year old exchange student. 

We took a few pictures using the timer, but didn't realize the setting was set to 5-picture mode. We got a few more snapshots than we intended, but hopefully it was good practice for Ryo-kun...right? By the end of his stay we will have him taking funny pictures with us--just watch!

He came bearing gifts:

 Does this fabric remind you of Japan? So beautiful. And he folded the origami crane himself, and gave us a book so we could learn how too!

And what do you think of this lovely fan? I just love the feel these oriental fans give to a room when they are a part of the decor.

I will have to keep you posted on our adventures this next week. Pretty much this is the perfect distraction to get me nearly through til I have this baby!

Ja mata!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Like Mother, Like Son?

Tonight as we drove to soccer, Cub yelled out, "Mom! A WASH-CAR!"  

I looked over and saw a carwash station.  

I chuckled to myself because it reminded me of what I always said at home: mow-lawner

My Dad and brothers always teased me for mixing up that up when they were talking about mowing the lawn.  

It makes me happy that Cub mixes up words they I do did.  Hopefully he will straighten it out someday, but for now I find it adorable.

-Miss T

PS - Here is a joke from Cub

Cub: "Knock, Knock"

Me: "Who's there?"

Cub: "Banana"

Me: "Banana who?"

Cub: "Don't cry, it's just an orange."  Then hysterical laughter!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Apple Eating

Dear Baby J,

I guess I won't be calling you Baby J anymore. Nope. Not anymore. Not when you can eat an apple like a grown up!!
It is time to move on to JT I think. JT is for a girl who swipes apples off the counter without Mom noticing. JT is for a girl who has seven teeth and knows how to use (and brush) them. JT is for a walking, talking, cheerful little girl who I never gave permission to grow up so fast. 

Besides, your new sister will take on the baby role next, so we can pass the title on to her I guess. Three more weeks and you get the best gift of your life- a real live sister!! 

Love, your Mom

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a Celebration

Hi Miss T!

Now wasn't that a Celebration with a capital C this past weekend (ok...a few weekends ago...because I didn't finish this post when I started it)? The pictures speak for themselves:
Starting the tradition with the next generation!

 Seriously this was such a cool finish!!

 Long time friends! So good to reunite.

 Hurrah for feeling good at the finish line!

 The wisest finishers!


 Fabulous prizes

 Love this shot. Just makes me want to get up and dance with you.

 And the young ones run and have fun too!

What a celebration!!

I just have to say- this is one event I LOVE to be at with my sister (you), and my young women sisters (from middle and high school), and my Sweet Liberty sisters (from high school), and my women relatives (aunts, grandma, cousins, in-laws etc). I feel so spoiled to love so many wonderful women. :) And to get a chance to celebrate with them.

So good to see you there. Can't wait to see you again next year.
Love, Kk

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gone All Day

Dear T Bear,

Congratulations on starting first grade!  I can't believe you are going to be gone all day.

The night before you started school, you came into our bed around 11pm due to a bad dream (or some "back-to-school" nerves).  I then tortured myself for an hour thinning back on the last 6 1/2 year of your life.

I remembered how you have had a smile that has lit up a room from the day you were born.  I remembered how you loved to held in my arms.  You have always loved to laugh.  You proved to be very clever and precocious from a very young age.  I have held you in my lap and read hundreds of books to you and you soaked everything up with excitement.

I wondered, "Have I loved you enough? Have I taught you enough?"  I know I am not a perfect mother to you.  We are both learning on this journey.

As you Dad gave you a special blessing the night before school, I was once again reminded that Heavenly Father loves you just as much as I do.  He wants you to pray to Him.  He will watch over you at school when I can not be there.  You were born with greatness inside of you.

I pray that first grade will be a fun year for you.  A year where you learn to be kind to others, work together, and love to learn.  I will miss you while you are gone.  But I know that for you, T Bear, you need this independence. You love growing and proving that you are a capable person.  I admire that about you.

I will gladly you send you off to school each day, but then anxiously wait until I can pick you up again.

With all the love in the world,


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dog Food

 Dear Miss T,

If you chance to consider getting a dog while you still have little mouthy-babies around, consider yourself forewarned of this possibility:

I am having to be vigilant in making sure Baby J does not eat dog food. When she first started crawling she loved to head towards Nellie's dish...she knew I would come running! And when we would visit the dog upstairs (bowl pictured here), she could not get enough of a thrill sneaking around the corner, and then pausing and sitting and turning to see if I had caught her yet. She would hurry to grab some food and shove it in her mouth as I lunged at her. It just wasn't clear that dog food was not her food. As far as I know, she never fully ingested any. As far as I know.

At this point, she no longer tries to get it in her mouth (at least not immediately). She throws it! And she makes the "Neh Neh Neh" sound, which I am thinking is a pretty good effort to say "Nellie" because every time I take her away that is what I say "This food is for Nellie." So. There may be food in the floor and under some furniture, but none in her mouth. Nice.

But then, the other day I had handed a carrot stick to Baby J for her to gnaw on a little, and I look over to see this:
Clearly she doesn't realize that her food is not dog food. I am betting we could have a little problem here in the next few years where Nellie knows that a certain little someone will hand over food that she normally won't get anywhere else! At least I love it when Nellie cleans up under Baby J's high chair? Can't beat that.

Love, Kk

Monday, September 1, 2014


We gave away 2 free entries to the CelebrateWomen's Fitness Event (second entry was courtesy of Dr. David W. Cutler, DDS).

Kathleen Tuck
Kimberly and Matt

Thank you to our two comments who made it before the deadline.  (Miss Robin - we appreciate your comment from far across the Pacific Ocean as well!)

We look forward to seeing you and your "sisters" at the race.  You better register today if you still want a shirt!

-Miss T & KK

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our FIRST FREE Giveaway!

Last Year's Party!

We are thrilled to announce our first Sisters FREE GIVEAWAY!!!!
We are giving away 1 free entry to the Celebrate Women's Fitness - A 5K FUN walk/run/stroll event this September 20th, 2014.

Here's how to enter:

Leave a comment on our blog saying something like, "I want to win!", "Please enter me!", or "I love my sisters!", or "Tenley - you rock my world!", "..... ok maybe not the last one.... but you get the idea.


You can email Miss T or KK personally about being entered in the drawing if you are not the type of person to leave a comment.

ENTER NOW until August 27th (that's tomorrow at midnight).  Then August 28th we will announce the winner. (PS - On August 28th, the registration price increases!)

Wait!  What if I have already registered, but still want to win?  Well, you can still enter, and if you win please give it to a girlfriend or sister, mother, aunt, etc.... There are plenty of wonderful women who would love to join us.

We hope to see you personally in Eagle, ID on September 20th for a FUN Women's Event.   It's going to be a party - and if you know us (Cutlers) personally, you know we love a good party (especially if it includes dancing)!

Good Luck!

Miss T & KK

PS - If you want a super cute shirt, you better register asap!!!! Oh, and we always can use some volunteers - males included!

This is the most recent picture of  Miss T & KK and our crew.

Let me tell you WHY I love this Celebrate Women's Fitness Event so much.  It is because my mom has shown me that you can do anything at any age!!! I am so proud of her for working hard, being a little crazy,  and having the dream of keeping a wonderful tradition alive.  I celebrate her as a wonderful woman in my life!  You go girl!

Monday, July 28, 2014

How My 6 yr old Ended Up on YouTube


Yesterday was Sunday.  After church, we fed the boys and got two of them down for a nap.  We told T Bear that he would be having quiet time on the couch.  We left a pile of things to entertain him while we snuck upstairs to take a nap ourselves.

Let me back up a little.  Miga bought T Bear a monster tail loom (similar to the super popular rainbow looms) during our long road trip.  T Bear has loved making bracelets, necklaces, and key chains on his loom.  He likes to watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make things.

Back to Sunday, T Bear wanted to have the iPad to watch YouTube tutorials while he had quite time.  We told him no, because we don't really want him to be surfing YouTube without supervision.  

A few minutes later, we were about to drift oft to sleep in our room, we heard something.  We hear a beep, then T Bear saying "Hi! I'm Troy and I'm going to show you how to make a bracelet using the mini loom."  

We smothered our giggles as we listened to him record himself on his kid's camera.  Unfortunately his camera doesn't have the capacity to record longer that 60 seconds.  We heard him stop.  Big D said he would get up and help him make a  real tutorial.  He went downstairs and got his camera and filmed T Bear.  

Then this morning, it was my turn to help T Bear edit and upload his video to YouTube.  He was excited!  

So if you have 7 minutes to spare, you can watch his tutorial here:

Happy Rubber Band Looming!

-Miss T

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 Dear Miss T,

Lately I feel needy inside. Do you know what that feels like? Tonight I was trying to figure out why I feel needy (though I am hoping I am not behaving too needy-ly), and I wasn't really getting anywhere just thinking about it.

So I ended up clicking through some recent pictures and I found this one:

This picture was taken near Southern Idaho at a ranch up in the mountains. Our friends have a small cabin up there. Limited if any running water, limited electricity. Small one room cabin with a loft. Beautiful hills and grass all around. We woke up early the morning we were there and I spent the morning outside with my girls. When I look at the picture and think on the simplicity of a life that used to rely on crops and animals in that area, then I get a new perspective of needs. What does a girl really need? Her girls (or boys in your case).And a quiet mountain top. And someone to snap a great picture of the moment. ;)

Anyway, I hope to keep a fresh perspective on my needs. My actual needs. I do not need to know the future right now, though I really really want to. I do not need ice cream before going to bed each night (though maybe my body is trained to think that now? Uh oh). I do not need to be thanked for all the laundry, meals, and care I try to give, but it's nice when that happens. :) I do need you. So thank you for being there for me.

Good night,


(This was Paul's idea of "fun" which scared me near to death. But he "needed" to take her on the four wheeler...haha to be a fun Dad I guess.)

Love, Kk

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hagg Lake Tri


This month I did the Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon.

I wish I could stay that I trained for the event,  but I didn't.  I did complete all of the elements at some point before the event.

I convinced two of my new Oregon friends to join me on this crazy adventure.  It turned out that Kendra, was quite the multi-sport athlete in her college days.  So she kicked it up a gear and competed fiercely.  She was quite impressive and rocked the triathlon.

Ashley and I were not on the competitive level like Kendra.  We were there to have fun and our goal was COMPLETION.  Our wave the last to start, so we were cheering everyone one on.  We danced to the music as we went through the transition stations.  We waved to our family and the cameras.  We had a great time and COMPLETED!!!

It was exciting!  I did "endo"-ed on my bike (Dad would be proud).  I tried to brake to stop to pick up Ashley's water bottle for her and crashed.  Apparently true racers don't stop for dropped water bottles!

The kids loved swimming in Hagg Lake on such a beautiful day after the race.  The next day I told Big D that I did not feel sore.  Big D said that meant I did not push myself hard enough.  It was true, I did not.  But remember that was not my goal!!! 

Do you want to join me next year?  

-Miss T

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 5th

Hey Miss T-

Coincidentally all 6 of us siblings were in Utah for the 4th of July weekend. Last year we planned it all together with the help of Mom and Dad inviting us to the Stadium of Fire, but this year we were all doing different things and still ended up in the same geographic area. Pretty crazy!

Even though most of us had plans with the in-laws, it somehow worked out to get together for breakfast on the 5th of July, hence Happy 5th! Thank you all in-laws for making it happen. It was so fun to catch up with each other as siblings. Can you believe that it isn't just the six of us anymore? Look at what it has grown to!

Love, Kk

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2nd Celebrate Women's Fitness 5k


Attention ladies: Registration for the second Celebrate Women's Fitness 5k is OPEN.  And I will be there this year!!!
(Last year I only attended via FaceTime...thanks Laur!!)

(The lovely Foote Ladies)

If you remember hearing a little about this last year, it's because you did, and it was awesome. The event concept is really easy to understand:

 women of all ages 
(sisters, moms, grandmas, nieces, daughters, aunties, neighbor ladies, gal pals, etc)
 + celebrating 
(music, dancing, laughing, loving, maybe spandex maybe not, CUTE V-neck T's, and FOOD!)
 + a little bit of fitness 
(in the form of the 5k and most of the food) 
= Celebrate Women's Fitness
(Saturday September 20, 2014)

I am just thrilled that Baby J and I get to be there this year, and hopefully as many women as we love as possible (and men too, as the volunteers and cheer-ers of course).

If you already know you could use a ladies' weekend in September, plan to come join us. We will love to have you party with us. Visit today to register. It's a steal of a deal right now. And it's going to be SO MUCH FUN.

Love, Kk

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aunt Flo

 Sometimes Facebook is the best because you find hilarious gems like this:

Laughing so hard I almost wet my pants!!! If I had a daughter, I would so be that mom!

-Miss T

"Your Grandpa is bobbing for ovaries like a champ!"

Monday, June 9, 2014

All American Boy

KK -

T Bear played baseball this Spring.  It was a big deal because he had never played and was joining a team of experienced 6 to 8 yr olds.  

We were quite nervous for him.  Would he fail?  Would he even hit a ball pitched to him?  Would he dread playing?  Would he rise up to the challenge?  Would he become determined?  Would he be a good team mate?

I am proud to say that T Bear had a good season.  He did hit some balls.  He missed a lot of pitches.  He got on base a few times.  He scored once.  He pouted when he struck out.  He cheered for his teammates.  He got in fights with his teammates.  He got hit by the ball and cried.  He complained when his team lost. He was happy when his team finally won a game.  

I would like to thank his coaches for being extremely patient and caring.

I would like to thank Big D for being a supportive Dad during this baseball season.  I know baseball is not Big D's favorite sport, but he was at every game and practice with T Bear.  He sat through the games, helped when needed and took good care of T Bear.  

Recently we were watching commercials on the Mormon Channel.  Several of them were about fathers & sons playing baseball together.  Watch here.  I realized that my husband and son had just had an "All-American" experience by playing baseball together this year.  I am so thankful for a husband who takes time to play with our sons.

I also want to thank my dad, Poppa, for helping T Bear with baseball too.  I think playing baseball with your grandpa is part of the "All-American" dream too.  Poppa recorded and sent T Bear five training videos to help him out.  Here is a sample:

Isn't family the best?  Or really.... Family....Isn't it about time?

I love my family (much more than I love baseball)!

-Miss T

Saturday, June 7, 2014

All the boys say "Hey baby! Hey baby hey!"

Dear Miss T,

We went to a little BBQ last night for the C's oldest boy's football team. Baby J got set on a blanket, and in an instant this happened. 

Uh-oh. Boy magnet on our hands already?

But really, seeing little boys thinking a baby is cool is pretty heartwarming. I will be just fine if she loses her charm on boys though. I don't need six boys surrounding her at every BBQ she goes to. ;)

Love, KK

Monday, May 26, 2014

16 More Days!

Except it is the same for when I am coming to you!!! In 16 days I will be on my way to you and I couldn't be more excited. Love you!

Love Kk

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Bus, The Bus, The Bus is on FIRE!


"The bus, the bus, the bus is on FIRE!" (FYI - I am singing that to the song "The Roof is on Fire")

T Bear's school bus caught on fire on Thursday.  Seriously.

I was standing at the corner with Cub waiting for the bus.  I saw the bus stop and drop off the kid before our stop.  Then I watch the bus head toward us.  Suddenly the bus stopped and pulled over without all the flashing lights.  

I thought, oh great.  It's a sub and they don't know where our stop it.  This had happened last week with a sub bus driver. I grabbed Cub, crossed the street and started walking toward the bus.  I quickly saw billowing smoke coming from the engine and the bus driver was herding kids off the bus into the grass.  

I started running and yelling if I needed to call 911.  Luckily a guy on a bike had been right next to bus and had already called the fire department. 

A small fire had started under the bus, so we moved the kids further down the street from the bus.  Two fire engines arrived quickly.  We stood and watched as they hosed down the bus.  My boys thought is was AWESOME!  They kept asking if the bus was going to explode.  

More police cars arrived to block off the road.  Then schools district cars showed up as well as a fire investigation truck.  There was some serious excitement.

Luckily everyone was safe and the sub bus driver did a great job of handling the situation.

And don't worry Lady A (my sister-in-law who specializes in childhood counseling), we did some chalk therapy when we got home.  We drew pictures of the bus on fire and fire engines.  

It was probably the most exciting day of Kindergarten for T Bear.

Big D told him the next day, "Try not to start your bus on fire again today!"

-Miss T

If you want to hear about the event in T Bear's words watch this:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't Be Mad, It's What Sisters Do

Is that B-town in the background?


I know you are mad at me.

When I was talking to you on the phone I could hear baby Jane screaming.  I could hear how tired you were in your voice.  

I admit it.  

I did call Tracey.  

I told her to go down and offer to take Jane on a walk so you could rest.  

Because that is exactly what I would have done if I lived by you.  That's what sisters do.

I have been that tired, tired, tired mommy.  It is so hard to keep it together with a crying baby if you, yourself wants to be crying with exhaustion too.  And it is true, "Ain't nobody happy if mama ain't happy."  

So please don't be angry with me too long (and please don't be mad with Tracey).  This is just what I do to sisters & friends.  In fact yesterday I took a friend's 4 yr old son for the afternoon so she could rest because she had been dealing with a sick baby for over a week.  She doesn't have sisters around, so she needed someone to be her sister and take her son for awhile.

That's just what sisters do.  

And I know you would have done it for me.

Love you,

-Miss T

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Life Right Now: The "Let It Go" Version

This is seriously my stage of life right now.  It is the best, especially when  you can sing about it to "Let It Go."

-Miss T

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Dear Miss T,

We have a scooter on out hands. She rolls all over the place, but has recently also added scooting to her list of skills. It is fun to put her on the floor in the middle of a room. Wait about fifteen seconds and...where did she go?!

Here is where I found her yesterday.

Can you tell where this might be? Let's zoom out a little.

Under the chair! And pretty happy about it.

She is always scooting backward under the chair, and then trying to roll around. I think she enjoys wiggling until she can't find anymore wiggle room. It just cracks me up.

Love, KK