Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a Celebration

Hi Miss T!

Now wasn't that a Celebration with a capital C this past weekend (ok...a few weekends ago...because I didn't finish this post when I started it)? The pictures speak for themselves:
Starting the tradition with the next generation!

 Seriously this was such a cool finish!!

 Long time friends! So good to reunite.

 Hurrah for feeling good at the finish line!

 The wisest finishers!


 Fabulous prizes

 Love this shot. Just makes me want to get up and dance with you.

 And the young ones run and have fun too!

What a celebration!!

I just have to say- this is one event I LOVE to be at with my sister (you), and my young women sisters (from middle and high school), and my Sweet Liberty sisters (from high school), and my women relatives (aunts, grandma, cousins, in-laws etc). I feel so spoiled to love so many wonderful women. :) And to get a chance to celebrate with them.

So good to see you there. Can't wait to see you again next year.
Love, Kk


  1. It was sooooo fun!!!! Glad we got to be there as sisters.

  2. Love you both! Thanks for coming and working:)