Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Like Mother, Like Son?

Tonight as we drove to soccer, Cub yelled out, "Mom! A WASH-CAR!"  

I looked over and saw a carwash station.  

I chuckled to myself because it reminded me of what I always said at home: mow-lawner

My Dad and brothers always teased me for mixing up that up when they were talking about mowing the lawn.  

It makes me happy that Cub mixes up words they I do did.  Hopefully he will straighten it out someday, but for now I find it adorable.

-Miss T

PS - Here is a joke from Cub

Cub: "Knock, Knock"

Me: "Who's there?"

Cub: "Banana"

Me: "Banana who?"

Cub: "Don't cry, it's just an orange."  Then hysterical laughter!


  1. I love this picture and this story and you guys! Hugs to you all!