Sunday, October 27, 2013

The faces of Baby Nelson

Dear Miss T,
You will have to forgive me- I am slightly obsessed with my baby. Isn't every new mother? Just give me a couple months and then I am sure I can post about something else. But for now, I just couldn't help but share a few of the expressions I have captured of this little cutie.
These are all phone camera pictures, so nothing amazing, but it sure is fun to see this expressive girl experience things like basking in sunlight through a window, waking up from a nap all snuggled in a Halloween quilt, feeling full and happy after a meal, and getting dry after a bath. I am trying to not take any moment for granted. Pretty much every mother has told me to embrace the moment now, because it goes by really fast. I am just beginning to believe it, because my snugly little baby is already working really hard on gaining neck control. It is as if she wants to see everything that is going on (despite her naturally slow developing eyesight) and be in some control of her life even now! I can already feel muscles in her back and in her legs that are getting stronger. She is growing! And I can't stop her! 

Any suggestions on how to savor the moment?
Love, KK

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Matchy-Matchy Sisters

KK- Here's a story for you.

Last Sunday we sat on a bench with another family.  It was a dad with his two daughters about the ages 12 and 9 years old.  By the end of the service I had noticed that the girls were "matchy-matchy."  

They both had on cute cream lace dresses with a dark denim jackets over the top.  As we stood up to leave the chapel, I talked to the older sister.  

I said, "Are you and your sister matchy-matchy today?"

Older sister said with a major eyeroll, "Yes. She begged me this morning to match with me."

I replied, "Oh, you have earned major sister points today.  That was so nice of you.  My younger sister would love to still be matchy-matchy with me and she is married now!"

The older sister smiled and gave a little laugh.

When I said to the younger sister that she looked super cute being matchy-matchy with her older sister, the younger sister gave an adorable guilty smile.  Her sweet smile was also saying that she was super pleased that she got to be dressed like her super cool older sister.

Isn't great to have sisters!

I love you little sis!

-Miss T

PS - I couldn't find any "matchy-matchy" pictures of us together.  Do you remember where we were when we took this picture?   BTW- let's take a "matchy-matchy" picture together next time we see each other.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Nelson!

She came! She is here! Baby Nelson arrived!

Right before I went into the hospital I visited our brother In Provo and his wife and their two adorable boys drew this for us as we went up the stairs to their house.
With that good measure I went to the hospital for a cervix softener Wednesday evening. Thursday morning my body had begun laboring. They still induced labor, and after a full day of induced labor (about 15 hours), Baby Nelson required a c-section because of the curve and position of my pelvic bone. So, please notice her beautiful round head--a plus that Miga pointed out to me--of having a c-section. 

Looking through the glass of her hospital bassinet.

Making faces at her Mom already.

With her Daddy.

Wearing an adorable little bow.

With her Miga and Uncle J.

With her Papa.

Open eyes.

Words cannot describe becoming a mother, and what it feels like to hold your own little baby. I feel so lucky (and a bit overwhelmed) to be her mother. Welcome to our family Baby Nelson. We have long awaited her arrival. 

Love, a finally unpregnant KK :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Smile While You Wait

While we wait to see the beautiful baby of KK, here is a picture of Little Grizzly to make you chuckle.

I mean, look at that face!  Is he angry/evil? happy?  And what about that head?  Huge.  It reminds us of Megamind.

It needs a good caption..... ideas?

Either way, I hope it makes you smile today because this kid makes me smile everyday.

-Miss T

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wow! These Girls Were On Fire!!!

Many of you know what a success our Celebrate Women's Fitness 5k was because so many of you were there or supporters of it in one way or another. 


We had so much fun.

Here is what I took away from the event:

Girls need girls.

Girls just wanna have fun - and we did!

Zumba is a great thing to do before a run, in fact I would rather do Zumba than run!

We are so blessed to have so many good women in our lives that came to support this race.

We have great men in our lives to support us doing this race.

Our shirts for the race rocked!

It is important for women to stay fit.  And you really do feel better when you exercise, especially with friends and family.

Women are not big fans of Big D in a Stay Puft costume.

The balloons looked great.

We can't wait to have KK and baby with us next year.

God answers prayers. 

You are never to old to do anything (like walk 5k, or put together a 5k from scratch!)

Miracles do happen.

Thank you all again.

Miss T

She won the grand prize.  I know everyone wanted it, but this girl winning this bike was truly an answer to many many prayers.  It was incredible.