Friday, November 19, 2010

Special Sisters Series: HELP!

I love this video because it reminds me of a great sister story.  One year our family was traveling on vacation to California.  We had one of those station wagons where the very back seat faced backwards.  My sisters, Cee and Dee, were sitting there.  They were holding up hand written signs that said, "HELP, We've been kidnapped!"  I don't even remember how we figured out what they were up to.  Maybe one of them will comment and enlighten us.

-Miga (mother of Miss T & KK, and oldest sister with 4 younger sisters)


  1. Love the video! Although I was not fun enough to be in the back seat with the sign I remember this well. I was the fearful sister in the middle seat squeezing my big sis's(Miga)leg everytime I thought the station wagon was going to tumble down the cliff!
    Salute to Sisters!!

  2. HAHAHAAAA! I LOVE THIS. Hahah. Sisters can also be dramatic daughters for sure.