Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're Thankful for....

My Lovely KK - 

I am expecting a glorious Thanksgiving post from you at some point, but for now you will have to indulge me as I share what my family is thankful for.

I am taking this from T Bear's personal prayer last night.  "Thankful for playing in the snow with Daddy.  thankful for my moon and sun (this is nightlight).  Thankful for my bed.  Thankful for my blankie.  Thankful for Jose (a huge teddy bear named after my brother) and Rocket (Little Einsteins)."
Baby Cub is thankful for his crazy loving family.  We are in love with this easy baby and are grateful he is part of our family.  

As for me, I don't know where to start.  I am thankful for my life.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be a wife, mother, daughter and sister.  I am thankful for my health and my family.  I am thankful to live in this country.  I am thankful for my Savior.  I am thankful for music, dance, nature and technology.  I am thankful for chocolate.  I am thankful for financial peace.  I am thankful for a warm place to live and sleep.  I am thankful for amazing friends. I am thankful for a happy childhood and a bright future.
 Big D wrote down what he is thankful for this year.  
-A loving, kind, and beautiful wife
-2 healthy boys
-Peanut Butter Cups
-Family and friends
-My Savior
-BYU Football
-My job and apartment managing job
-My Mom
-A new camera
-Great In-laws
-This Country and all the blessings of living here
-Medical advancements that allow me to live a healthy, active life
-Everyone that has affected my life in a positive way at some point
-My wife, sons, family, friends.  (this one deserves a second mention)

This has been a good exercise for me, because there have been times where I have felt overwhelmed, stressed and/or depressed.  Remembering what I am truly grateful for reminds me that I have a wonderful and blessed life. I feel almost silly for complaining and whining about the things I do and do not have.  I hope that this overwhelming feeling of gratitude will make our Thanksgiving wonderful and last with us through the rest of the holiday season.

I am incredibly jealous that you are home for Thanksgiving.  I have not been home, in Boise, for a Thanksgiving since 2002.  Since meeting Big D, we have always gone to his family's home.  We will not be going this year, and I will miss seeing them as well.  Luckily we will have our niece here with us and we have great friends to spend the holiday with.  

Love you lots and I am so grateful for you in my life,
-Miss T

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