Monday, November 8, 2010

Here's the Story

Aunty KK -

While you are keeping up a busy social schedule that only a young college co-ed can, here's the story of weekend.

-Baby Cub came home from the hospital with a clean bill of health.  The scare of a heart arrhythmia has dissipated, and we will have a check up in 6 months.

-Miga & Poppa came to Seattle to help our little family transition to a family of 4.

-T Bear spent the weekend being a terrible and sweet 2 year old.  He bossed Miga & Poppa around all day using his favorite phrases, "I don't want to!" "No!" "Don't do that!"  "I don't like that!" "Don't talk to me!"

-T Bear showered Baby Cub with kisses and kisses.  He told Poppa "Baby Cub takes lots of naps-es."

-Miga & I slipped away to the outlet malls for some girly shopping.  We missed you. I bought Miga some cute socks for her birthday.  Don't you just love wearing a pair of cute socks?

-There were tears over breast feeding and even over spilt milk -seriously!

-Every night we reloaded ourselves with chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake.  To be honest, I snacked on chocolate all day long because I felt I deserved it.

-And the most important even over the weekend was my heart growing.  I honestly wondered how I could love another baby.  Immediately after Baby Cub was born, I felt relief.  Physical relief from my body, and then emotional relief when his heart irregularity was not a concern.  Then as time started to go by and I held my Baby Cub I felt my heart grow with love for him.  I love watching him sleep, eat, and look around.  His warm little body in my arms feels so tender and sweet.  It is true that your love doesn't divide, it multiples.  I felt that this weekend and I am so thrilled.  

Even though I miss some of the social events and excitement of collage, I am excited for you to experience this love that comes from having a baby.

Lots of love
-Miss T


  1. It is so great to hear how things have been going for you this last week! I can't wait to catch up with you in person and to see your new little one! I, too, remember being worried about how my love for more kids could grow, it truly is amazing.

    So glad to hear his heart is doing well. Get some rest and eat plenty of chocolate - especially when nursing brings you to tears (that is all too familiar, as well).

    Many hugs being sent your way!

  2. That and you get to use that sweet new stroller of yours!! I guess having a baby is worth a new snazzy stroller.

  3. Baby Cub and T-Bear look so alike! I love those two pictures side by side! And I loved your thoughts about your growing heart. I can echo those same pre/post birth concerns and joys.

    I also hear ya on the spilled milk thing! So sad! I had that happen with Camden when I was losing my milk. I pumped hard for that ounce that was now spilled across the counter!

    I hope things continue to get better and better as you adjust and heal. We love you and wish we could see you all soon!

  4. One day...I will get there. For now I'll enjoy it through you. You do a good job.

  5. What a nice post, Tenley. It captures the struggles and joys of mothering! I want to send a hug your way too.

  6. Ahh Tenley, this makes me feel like crying. i'm not even sure exactly why, except that I've been there. I wish we lived closer and could do this mom thing together. Lot of hugs coming your way!
    I'm so jealous of Kallene! She is lucky to be your sister!