Thursday, April 28, 2011

Women's Conference: Small and Simple Things.

Hey Miss T-

Every year Women's Conference happens on BYU campus. This is a large event for women to continue their education, and be inspired to better fulfill the marvelous role of womanhood.

Look at all those women. Wow. Pretty impressive. I'm a fan of it, though I've not yet attended.

What Women's conference means to me right now is:
1. Lot's of coordination and work (for my job I am in charge of scheduling the AV equipment and help with technology needs for presenters).
2. A campus FULL of women walking around in 2's and 3's and sometimes clusters larger than 5 and 6, displaying an array of beautiful body shapes, adorable skirts, many kinds of lip gloss, AND smiling and laughing SISTERS EVERYWHERE!
3. Time to reflect on the women I most admire in my life and why.

Women are so beautiful! Seriously, I've watched a zillion of them walk around today, and I am just convinced that we are all beautiful. Why do we have such a hard time believing this (myself included!)?

I think of the women I most admire in my life: my Mom for her dedication and love for her family; my boss for organization and integrity; my roommate for her delicious and creative cooking abilities; my other roommate for her elegance and thoughtfulness; and my other roommate for her spunk and bilingual capabilities; my Grandmother for her generosity; my aunties for their kindness and comfort in times of need; my sister-in-law for her academic perseverance and commitment; my other sister-in-law for her attention and thought (letting me know of a job opportunity that I love!!); and of course MY SISTER for her wisdom and counsel and faithful optimism.

The theme for this year's Women's Conference is taken from the scripture that " by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" (Alma 37:6-7). I know it is a small thing to be a woman in this vast world of communities, cities, countries and continents, and I may be a very simple woman, but you for one, along with many others, have shown me that truly we can be the means of great things come to pass!

Love you.
Love Auntie KK

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terrified of the 'Other'


The other night we went to a Marriage Forum at the Institute Building.  The speaker talked about the necessity of the 'other' in our world.  The speaker's topic came from the scripture in 2 Nephi 2:11, "For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things." There must be sorrow in the world, so that there can be joy.  It is crucial for us to experience the 'other' in our own lives.  How we react to and interact with the 'other' defines us as a person.

I have come to realize that I am terrified of the 'other' when it comes to my little boys.  

Recently I have been feeling real and imaginary pressure about putting T Bear into preschool.  Many children are already in preschool by age 2 1/2 years.  Several people have asked if T Bear is in preschool already.  I answer no, and say I don't want him in preschool.  When I say this, I get a surprised look.  Honestly, I don't want him in preschool because that is when he will learn bad things (of course they learn good things too). That is when he starts to experience the 'other'.  

Right now T Bear and Baby Cub are in my world of safety and innocence.  They believe what we teach them and they thrive in our home filled with love and the Spirit.  But how will they hold up when they are out of our home and sphere of influence?  How will they react to and interact with the 'other'?  Will they remember what they have been taught in our home?  Will they become stronger and better boys? 

After crying about my boys growing up too quickly, I have been forcing myself to find some peace to calm me down.  I need some hope and faith that my boys with turn out amazingly well.  That, encountering the 'other', will make them even more extraordinary.  Hopefully, some day I may be proud that my boys successfully interacted with the 'other' in the world.  

-Miss T

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sisters in Seattle (again)

Miss T: Let's write a blog together!  Thanks for coming to visit me in Seattle. I loved being able to boss you around some more.  I hope you didn't mind.

KK: Oh you can boss me around all the days in Seattle...I wish I could stay! But thank you for a day at the beach, a "tulip" festival, bountiful basket gathering, a hike to Rattlesnake ledge, an amazing Easter dinner, and of course time with you, Big D, T-Bear, and adorable Baby cub!

Miss T: My boys are the cutest.  The boy you brought was pretty cute too.  I hope we didn't scare him away.  We are pretty intense.  OK, we better finish this blog, because Big D is starting to sing to me and it is very distracting.

KK:  Deal.

Miss T: Let's go wax your face before you go home.

KK: I'll be back to visit you.  Promise!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Riding a Bike while Texting - REALLY?

Texting while driving is dangerous.  Is texting while riding a bike dangerous as well?

I would say yes.

The other day, I seriously saw a guy riding his bike while texting.  He had let go of his handlebars and was using both hands on his phone.  He was riding along a fairly busy road.  To his credit, he was wearing a helmet.

Question:  What is so important that you have to text while riding a bike?

Answer:  Maybe his wife was having a baby, or someone had just died, or........ not really sure.

Granted, I am not a "texter" so I know that I could not physically do both of these activities simultaneously.  Still, I think if they have proven that texting while driving is dangerous, then riding a bike and doing the same is also dangerous.

Just a quick google search, and I found this gem:

New CA Law Would Band Mobile Phone Use While Bicycling

Now, I am not necessarily supporting this legislation.  I think we have much more important things to pass legislation on, but I do think it shows that this is more of a common problem than we realize.  Crazy!

-Miss T

Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Carded

KK -

Yesterday T Bear got the Red Card.  Not in a soccer game, in Nursery.  Big D and I had just walked out of Sunday School, when a Nursery worker brought us the crying T Bear.   We were surprised because T Bear genuinely loves Nursery.  We asked what had happened and the Nursery working said T Bear was fighting over a chair with another child.  It must of been bad, for them to expel him from Nursery.

A few minutes later, I passed a friend in the church hallway.  She asked where T Bear was because she didn't see him in Nursery.  I told her that he had been kicked out.  She gave a sympathetic look, but then said when her little boy was in Nursery, he had such a hard time sharing that they made a rule that her little boy could only be in Nursery if one of the parents stayed with him the whole time.  I was slightly relieved that T Bear was not the worst child ever to be in Nursery, but walked away hoping to not be in that situation.

After church, we went home for some lunch.  Big D and I were talking about church, Nursery, and what to do.  T Bear took a big bit of yogurt and then said, "Daddy, Did you know gorillas eat their poop?"

At that moment, I laughed and realized T Bear is going to be fine.  His deportation from Nursery was not going to scar him for life.  We will just try again next week, and try to find out why gorillas eat their poop.

-Miss T

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Rare Opportunity

This morning Mom got a call from a family friend.  She asked if Mom had seen the newspaper yet.  Mom said "No, not yet."  The friend said that she needed to look at it as soon as possible.

While this was happening, Dad was on a bike ride.  He got a text from a different friend asking if he was all right, and that if he was, he better text back.  This friend had also seen the Idaho Statesman that morning and had seen this:

Death Notice:

David W. Cutler

Cutler, David W., 56, of Boise, died Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at his home of natural causes. Cremation arrangements are under the direction of Cremation Society of Idaho.
Published in Idaho Statesman on April 15, 2011

Read more:

It was shocking to realize that there was another David W. Cutler around the same age in Boise.  

As the morning progressed, Mom and Dad received more phone calls to see if Dad had died or not.  Finally Dad's office manager went over to his dental office to check the messages. There were 14 messages from people trying to see if it was really true about Dr. C.

The office manager left this message: "Thankfully Dr. Cutler is alive and well and will be back in the office on Monday."

While Dad and Mom are chuckling about this unique coincidence, I think they also realize that it is a rare opportunity.  Usually you don't get to see or hear from all the people that care about you once you have passed away.  Today, Dad got a little taste of all the people that love and care about him.  He has touched many lives in many good ways.

I love you Dad!

-Miss T

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Better Than Mine


I know that you LOVE your birthday.  You know that I LOVE my birthday.

It was hard to realized, and sad to admit, that since having kids, my birthdays are not so amazing or exciting.  On my last birthday, I tried not to be disappointed, but I was.  The magic of my own birthday was lost because I was busy taking care of kids, our home and a husband.

Luckily, I found the magic of birthdays again in T Bear's birthday.  For the last month, all I was thinking about was his birthday.  I have been planning every detail and envisioning every minute of it.  My excitement for his birthday was almost greater than T Bear's.

The preparations for T Bear's birthday were like Christmas Eve all over again.  We decorated the house, baked cupcakes, wrapped presents, hung pictures, and blew up 170 balloons (thanks for the help Miga).  I was giddy when we went to bed.

At precisely 6:45am on April 11th, T Bear ran into our room and exclaimed, "It's my birthday! I'm 3!"  We pulled him into bed with hugs, kisses and congratulations on turning 3.  T Bear then said, "I like being 3!"

We had a wonderful birthday with him.  It was so much fun for all of us.  I think I am going to really enjoy my children's birthdays.  Hopefully, I will have so much fun on their birthdays, that when mine rolls around, it won't be such a big deal.

And in all reality, it is such a privilege to celebrate the day when T Bear entered our lives.  I am so thankful and so happy to be his mother.

-Birthday Mama Miss T

Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthdays in Seattle!

Dear Miss T, and T-Bear,


My last birthday was in Seattle. See exhibit A:

And T-Bear was the first person to wish me a happy birthday with a cake, because he LOVES birthdays, and cakes, and birthday cakes. See exbibit B:

And you made me this delicious bad boy. See exhibit C:

So, I hear that so far T-Bear has had a great birthday--because you are his awesome Mom and have celebrated his three years in perfection. So I'll just add my cheer with exhibit D:

Love, Aunty Kk
PS: Just so you can appreciate all my efforts, I'll let you in on this secret. I had to write it twice! The first time, I forgot that my computer camera flips the yes that message written up there was written backwards! Thank you. I go to Brigham Young University. Senior class standing. This is what my education affords me. High class. I know. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY T-BEAR!! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear KK,

It is important for sisters to tell each other a lot of things.  It is especially important for the oldest sister to tell the younger sister about what happens when you are pregnant and from there on.  Last summer I shared with you a lot of woes about being pregnant while you lived with us.  I am sure you probably would not want to ever be pregnant, except for the fact that my babies are so cute and amazing.  

Well, now I am sharing something weird about after having a baby.  Shedding.  I mean, you start shedding the hair on your head like crazy about 4 or 5 months after you had the baby.  It is somewhat sad, because during the pregnancy hair grows in thicker and shinier, but it does not last.

I am currently in this stage of shedding and it is so gross.  I find hair after hair on my poor boys.  Baby Cub always seems to have a piece of hair entangled in his chubby fingers.  When I blow dry my hair, a significant hair ball forms in my hand as I run my fingers through my hair.  In the shower, I shed enough hair to clog the drain every time.  It is so GROSS!   What I can't remember is how long this phase lasts?  At least I can take confidence that I will not shed until I am bald.  I still had hair after T Bear.

So there you have it, a weird thing about life after babies.  Don't you feel so lucky to have a sister to tell you these things?  I think you should.

-Hairball Miss T

Friday, April 8, 2011

Try the Dirty Dash


Kathy & I put together a little something for you in the mail yesterday.  To try to entice you to come live in Seattle for the summer again, Kathy included some fliers for races around the area.  If you did come do a race, too bad Kathy can't run it with you because she will be majorly pregnant this summer.

We came across a flier fir the Dirty Dash.  The wording made me giggle out loud.

"Have you ever said to yourself, 'Marathons are too easy, and Triathlons are for sissies?'

We haven't either ... those races are really hard.  Think about it ... the first person to run a marathon actually died.  HE DIED! ... and he probably didn't even have fun along the way!

Well let us introduce you to the new race in town ... THE DIRTY DASH.  This race puts all other races to shame.  The Dirty Dash is a mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old's fantasy and subsequently converts boy to man and then ... mad to swine. 

You'll need endurance to trudge up mountains of sludge, courage to over come uncompromising obstacles, a complete lack of shame to wallow in pits of mud and a smile to show through at the end!

So let this mud run obstacle course become your new guilty pleasure.  Go solo or with some of your dirtiest, filthiest & uncouth friends.  On either accord ... you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say 'I am a Dirty Dasher!' ... and then proceed to clean yourself off."

Isn't that hilarious?  I think maybe I should do this instead of the Triathlon.  What do you think?  Are you game when you come to Seattle?

-Miss T

PS - The Dirty Dash is in Utah in September!!!! What a fun group date!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink I think.

Dear Miss T,

Oh how I love seeing what you and your boys are up to.

After a long bit of an absence, are you ready to see what I've been up to?

Babysitting Leo the cat. He did homework with me...or I did homework while he climbed around on my computer.

Squishing all four of me
and my roommates
onto one couch.

Wearing an old part of a
dance costume as a bracelet.

And dying my hair...


I was trying to be adventurous like you :D. Do you like it? What do you think Miga will say?

Love you.
Love, KK

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog about My Boys

Hi KK -

I just wanted to tell you what has been going on with my boys lately.

No April Foolin'
T Bear said to me on Friday, "Mom is Baby Cub too little for this baby bib?"

"Yes, the baby bib is too little for Baby Cub," I replied knowing what he meant.

T Bear said, "Well, after Baby Cub goes away, and we have a new baby, then the baby can wear it."

Sorry T Bear this is not an April Fool's joke.  Baby Cub is not going away.  He is with us forever! Hope T Bear can handle it.

T Bear's Song
I told Big D the other night that T Bear composed a song about his feelings.  Big D was surprised.  Luckily I was able to capture most of it on video.

Here are the lyrics:
“The boy at the playground didn’t share his big yellow plane toy…. that makes me sad… so I have my own bulldozer er er er er …. theeeeee end!”

I think you can tell what happened at the playground that day.

What have we learned?  To start packing our own toys for the sandbox, because other kids don’t always want to share.

General Conference
I know you love General Conference KK, but weren't you shocked to hear about the temple announcement in Meridian, ID?!  Way to go Idaho!

Before General Conference started, T Bear and I perused through the April Friend magazine.  Inside they had a recipe for a General Conference treat, Bunny Buns, along with a cute article about a family who had been making these Bunny Buns every year at General Conference for the last 30 years.  I told T bear we could make them on Sunday and eat them while we watched.

On Saturday night, I glanced at the recipe before I made a quick trip to the grocery store.  I should have looked at it carefully before I committed to making them. The Bunny Buns recipe was not a simple recipe like they usually are in the Friend magazine.  This recipe required YEAST!! And you had to KNEAD the dough, let it rise for HOURS, then make the bunny shapes, and let it rise AGAIN!  This is not the kind of recipe I like to do.

We started at 9am.  Finally at 3:30pm, I served T Bear a warm Bunny Bun.  T Bear said, "Hey, we are supposed to eat this while we watch President Monson!"  I had to say, "Sorry T Bear General Conference is over.  The Bunny Buns took too long to make, because Mommy didn't know how to do it very well."

I was just thankful that they were edible.  Big D asked if this was going to be a Conference treat tradition for us as well.  I said, "NO WAY!"

We did enjoy the smell of the sweet warm bread throughout the house the rest of the evening.  To be cheesy.... it was like the sweet spirit of Conference lingering in our house.  (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

And that sums up my boys right now.  I love them, they keep me busy and happy.

-Miss T