Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog about My Boys

Hi KK -

I just wanted to tell you what has been going on with my boys lately.

No April Foolin'
T Bear said to me on Friday, "Mom is Baby Cub too little for this baby bib?"

"Yes, the baby bib is too little for Baby Cub," I replied knowing what he meant.

T Bear said, "Well, after Baby Cub goes away, and we have a new baby, then the baby can wear it."

Sorry T Bear this is not an April Fool's joke.  Baby Cub is not going away.  He is with us forever! Hope T Bear can handle it.

T Bear's Song
I told Big D the other night that T Bear composed a song about his feelings.  Big D was surprised.  Luckily I was able to capture most of it on video.

Here are the lyrics:
“The boy at the playground didn’t share his big yellow plane toy…. that makes me sad… so I have my own bulldozer er er er er …. theeeeee end!”

I think you can tell what happened at the playground that day.

What have we learned?  To start packing our own toys for the sandbox, because other kids don’t always want to share.

General Conference
I know you love General Conference KK, but weren't you shocked to hear about the temple announcement in Meridian, ID?!  Way to go Idaho!

Before General Conference started, T Bear and I perused through the April Friend magazine.  Inside they had a recipe for a General Conference treat, Bunny Buns, along with a cute article about a family who had been making these Bunny Buns every year at General Conference for the last 30 years.  I told T bear we could make them on Sunday and eat them while we watched.

On Saturday night, I glanced at the recipe before I made a quick trip to the grocery store.  I should have looked at it carefully before I committed to making them. The Bunny Buns recipe was not a simple recipe like they usually are in the Friend magazine.  This recipe required YEAST!! And you had to KNEAD the dough, let it rise for HOURS, then make the bunny shapes, and let it rise AGAIN!  This is not the kind of recipe I like to do.

We started at 9am.  Finally at 3:30pm, I served T Bear a warm Bunny Bun.  T Bear said, "Hey, we are supposed to eat this while we watch President Monson!"  I had to say, "Sorry T Bear General Conference is over.  The Bunny Buns took too long to make, because Mommy didn't know how to do it very well."

I was just thankful that they were edible.  Big D asked if this was going to be a Conference treat tradition for us as well.  I said, "NO WAY!"

We did enjoy the smell of the sweet warm bread throughout the house the rest of the evening.  To be cheesy.... it was like the sweet spirit of Conference lingering in our house.  (Sorry, I couldn't help myself!)

And that sums up my boys right now.  I love them, they keep me busy and happy.

-Miss T


  1. That is the cutest video. I loved the story he had to tell through music. :) I watched it the first time with out seeing the caption. I'll be honest, I didn't understand much. Once I watched it with the caption, I TOTALLY understood Troy. It is so funny how mom's understand their kids while outsiders don't. I always laugh at what Jackson says to people and they probably don't understand a word he says. So sad... they are missing out on some cute boys!

  2. OH and that picture of him watching conference is SO cute! You need to send that into the friend.

  3. tenley- I love your blog :) very fun to read and see what you are up to - I need to update mine so badly...just thought I'd comment here because of...BUNNY BUNS!!! that is a family tradition for my family and WE have been making them for 30 years! :) crazy - and yes, even though I have experience with the yummy bunnies I still think I can make them faster...ya then every year I am reminded...nope! hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying seattle!