Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Carded

KK -

Yesterday T Bear got the Red Card.  Not in a soccer game, in Nursery.  Big D and I had just walked out of Sunday School, when a Nursery worker brought us the crying T Bear.   We were surprised because T Bear genuinely loves Nursery.  We asked what had happened and the Nursery working said T Bear was fighting over a chair with another child.  It must of been bad, for them to expel him from Nursery.

A few minutes later, I passed a friend in the church hallway.  She asked where T Bear was because she didn't see him in Nursery.  I told her that he had been kicked out.  She gave a sympathetic look, but then said when her little boy was in Nursery, he had such a hard time sharing that they made a rule that her little boy could only be in Nursery if one of the parents stayed with him the whole time.  I was slightly relieved that T Bear was not the worst child ever to be in Nursery, but walked away hoping to not be in that situation.

After church, we went home for some lunch.  Big D and I were talking about church, Nursery, and what to do.  T Bear took a big bit of yogurt and then said, "Daddy, Did you know gorillas eat their poop?"

At that moment, I laughed and realized T Bear is going to be fine.  His deportation from Nursery was not going to scar him for life.  We will just try again next week, and try to find out why gorillas eat their poop.

-Miss T

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