Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I did for Valentine's Day


Hey Miss T,

Since it's the last day of February, I thought I would make a final post in tribute of V day. Also, because I am so proud of my first sugar cookie endeavor, I simply cannot skip telling you about my efforts.

Mr. P's birthday is 3 days before V day. Long ago when he was a missionary in Boston, Mom had made some sugar cookies and let me frost them and send them to Mr. P for a V day/birthday package. I wrapped them up in saran wrap and put them in a shoe box and off they went to Mr. P.

This year, I felt a desire to get something of a tradition going and I got the recipe from Mom. Then I set off on the cookie cooking adventure.

Having minimal experience with sugar-cookie making, I ran into a bump in the road when the dough was finished and the instructions said "Roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch." Roll out the dough. I knew how to do that...but I quickly realized I had NO ROLLING PIN. Time to get creative!

You know those spice jars? They are kinda round. And they totally work to roll out cookie dough, especially if you want to leave lines in the dough from where the lid attaches.

Then I went to follow the directions that said "cut out cookies" but guess what happened next. Yes. I also had no heart-shaped cookie cutter. I asked Mr. P to make one for me with wire hanger, but after much bending and twisting we both decided that a wire hanger makes for a far better drain clog than a cookie cutter.

So all in all I just decided to cut the cookies out with a knife. I ended up with some cookies that definitely had some personality, but hey--they tasted ok and that's what really matters, right?

I'm just proud of myself for trying. And succeeding. And making Mr. P the best heart-shaped-V-birthday cookies he's ever had. Or will have. Until next year.

Also, he got the Red You Are Special plate out early just for me. Isn't that sweet? I guess I got to be the special one on V day.

Love Special KK

PS: Yes, there are three plates at our V day dinner. Guests are always welcomed at our residence. Even on V day. Stop on by!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wanting a Furry Friend

Dear Miss T,

Tonight I am wanting a furry friend to cuddle up with. Just a tiny, small, fluffy, little toy poodle would do. I promise I wouldn't let it lick my face...

Do you remember when we first got Hannah? When the eternal family council question "Can we get a dog?" was finally answered? When happiness came into our hum-drum lives?

I exaggerate. We were happy before Hannah, and we have been happy since Hannah, but oh the joy she did bring when she was with us.

The other day on campus my friend brought her toy poodle. Don't ask me why you would ever bring your little toy poodle to a college campus and let it frolic about, but she did. And it was wonderful! That little guy made everybody that passed him smile. He was just so cute, hopping around like a miniature sheep. Everyone wanted to hold, scratch, or at least touch the baby puppy bounding around.

And so tonight, as I work on homework and other such things I think to myself "I would love a furry little friend right about now."

From a dog-lover's heart, Kk

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Will Join His Dream If...


Did you ever see the movie Flicka?  Big D and I saw this movie in the dollar theaters shortly after we were married.  Later Big D confessed to me that he would love to live the Flicka dream.

What dream is that?  Well to Big D, this means living on a big horse ranch in the wide open state of Montana.  Having fresh air, wide open spaces, beautiful horses running around on acres of untouched land, and working hard in a barn.  Can you picture it?

I have always been more of a city girl, so I have mostly rolled my eyes at Big D's dream.  There is no way that I would move to the middle of nowhere - MONTANA and live on a horse ranch.  I like the city.  I like going out to dinner, attending community events or performing arts.  I like being able to walk to the grocery store, library, church, bus stops, restaurants, and more.  The only thing I would be able to walk to in Montana is a barn and an outhouse (I'm sure they still use those there - yuck!).  

The other day I was going through a magazine and found something that has changed my heart about Big D's dream.  It was this:

A pair of red cowboy boots.

If Big D will get me a pair of red cowboy boots, then I WILL move to his horse ranch in Montana.  Now I can picture myself riding horses and walking to the barn (still not the outhouse) in these hot red boots.  Oh, and I would go country line dancing in these boots. How fun!

Won't I look great in these boots?

-Miss T

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day!


Happy V Day!

Did you dye your milk pink? We did.

We've decorated the house with some balloons, streamers and hearts.  T Bear keeps running around saying "Happy Thanksgiving!"  I have corrected him one hundred times, but he is still stuck.

This year, Big D and I are tying the "be-apart-in-different-cities" approach for Valentine's Day.  It doesn't make things very hot or romantic, but I did send him a mushy card and chocolate dipped strawberries.  So I think he will be wishing he was here with me dearly.

With Big D not around, I am taking the opportunity to babysit other people's children so they can have a hot date this holiday.  There are kids coming and going all day long.  To my boys, having friends come to play makes this the best holiday ever!  I just don't know if my house will recover from the chaos.

Be sure to give your Valentine a big kiss!

-Miss T

Monday, February 13, 2012



We experienced some unusual sunny and warm weather here in Seattle the other day.  T Bear saw the sun and immediately said, "Let's go to the beach!"

And so we did.  We did not wear swimming suits and shorts, but instead light jackets and rain boots. The boys played in the water, dug in the sand and got completely filthy.

Cub walked around looking for food from other people sitting nearby.  Mind you, I had plenty of food packed in our bag, but he is always on the lookout for something tasty.

The word that sums up are whole afternoon at the beach is yum.

Soaking up some much needed Viatmin D - Yum.

Eating good food with sand covered fingers - Yum.

Playing with my boys in the sand and water - Yum.

Hope you have a "yummy" day as well!

-Miss T

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love My Locks


When we got back from Hawaii, Big D was going through our photos and deleting the "non-keepers" (i.e. blurry, repeat, ugly shot, inappropriate, pointless).  He was about to delete this photo but I said no.  He looked at me with a questioning face.  I said, "I like the my hair in this picture.  I did not know how long and beautiful it is."

Big D laughed at my vain commentary.  But it is true.  I like my hair.  It is not gorgeous everyday, but every now and then, it looks pretty good to me.

And now to the big cut.  When T Bear's dear friend Claire was diagnosed with cancer in July 2010,  Sally (her mother) decided to grow out her hair and then donate it to Locks of Love.  I have decided to join her.  When Claire finishes her 2 1/12 years of treatment this September, we will be cutting of our hair to send to Locks of Love.

Hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy my gorgeous hair!

Does any body else want to join us?  How fun to post a blog about everyone who donates their hair in September.

-Miss T