Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love My Locks


When we got back from Hawaii, Big D was going through our photos and deleting the "non-keepers" (i.e. blurry, repeat, ugly shot, inappropriate, pointless).  He was about to delete this photo but I said no.  He looked at me with a questioning face.  I said, "I like the my hair in this picture.  I did not know how long and beautiful it is."

Big D laughed at my vain commentary.  But it is true.  I like my hair.  It is not gorgeous everyday, but every now and then, it looks pretty good to me.

And now to the big cut.  When T Bear's dear friend Claire was diagnosed with cancer in July 2010,  Sally (her mother) decided to grow out her hair and then donate it to Locks of Love.  I have decided to join her.  When Claire finishes her 2 1/12 years of treatment this September, we will be cutting of our hair to send to Locks of Love.

Hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy my gorgeous hair!

Does any body else want to join us?  How fun to post a blog about everyone who donates their hair in September.

-Miss T


  1. I love your locks too. How long does it have to be to donate? Could it be possible that my hair could be that long by September?

  2. The minimum length is 10 inches. You can have other layers that are shorter, but the longest length has to be 10 in. Your hair is quite long, so measure it and maybe....

  3. I'm in. My hair is almost long enough to donate now I it should be even longer by September!!

  4. Cutting party at Women's Fitness???

  5. I'M IN TOO! I've been wanting to cut my hair forever, and I almost did a few weeks ago, but I'm glad I didn't! And now it'll be worth the wait. :) David lost his mom to cancer while he was on his mission and she was blessed by someone who donated their hair. What a cool experience this will be for all of us, and especially Claire and her family. :) You're so awesome Tenley.

  6. I agree that your hair is awesome!

    So glad I found this blog! It makes me miss you both, and your entire family. Love you!

  7. Perfect Mom. Good idea. Good timing for everything. Cool.