Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day!


Happy V Day!

Did you dye your milk pink? We did.

We've decorated the house with some balloons, streamers and hearts.  T Bear keeps running around saying "Happy Thanksgiving!"  I have corrected him one hundred times, but he is still stuck.

This year, Big D and I are tying the "be-apart-in-different-cities" approach for Valentine's Day.  It doesn't make things very hot or romantic, but I did send him a mushy card and chocolate dipped strawberries.  So I think he will be wishing he was here with me dearly.

With Big D not around, I am taking the opportunity to babysit other people's children so they can have a hot date this holiday.  There are kids coming and going all day long.  To my boys, having friends come to play makes this the best holiday ever!  I just don't know if my house will recover from the chaos.

Be sure to give your Valentine a big kiss!

-Miss T


  1. So, I wish I hadn't seen this post until tomorrow because now I'm embarrassed to send Claire's Valentine's to preschool tomorrow . . . You'll see why soon enough. :)

  2. HAHAA! What a cooool valentine!!

    Also, bless you for letting so many of your friends have a special valentine's day.

    And what a way to make the day memorable for your boys! I loved seeing the chaos. :) I wish they could somehow appreciate your sacrifices, but I guess that's part of being a mother. You are the best.