Monday, February 28, 2011

Used You...Thanks!

Hey Miss T-

Just wanted to let you know I used you yesterday in my Relief Society Lesson. Your previous post fit in perfectly with what I got to talk about.

This week in Relief Society was what they call a Teachings of the Living Prophets week, which we all love because it focuses in on a specific talk from the most recent General Conference. Can I just throw out there that I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE? It's in this beautiful building:

And it just so happens that last October I got to attend with some dear friends:

Yes, this is inside the conference center:

And yes this is the Prophet! He's shaking hands, isn't that cute? The man second in from the right with the red tie is the man whose talk I talked about:

So, the point is, I talked about Elder Ballard's talk "O That Cunning Plan of the Evil one". Sounds intense just from the title, right? It is rather intense on many levels, and this is one of the reasons why it was beyond perfect to add a little bit of light-hearted real life to my lesson with your blog. From this talk though, I think we all can see why you wish you could choose and pick for T-bear to keep him safe and happy.

The good news is, even though there is a cunning evil plan, Heavenly Father has a better plan for us. He has not put us here to be enslaved to human appetites, or in bondage to horrible habits. Rather he has put us here to create! To experience life as the masterpiece that we each are! So then I showed them the Mormon Message "Create". I think over all it turned out well.

Thanks for writing something real, and honest, and true. We all could relate to it. Other than the fact that none of us are mothers yet that is. Love you!

Love, KK

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Worst Part of Motherhood: My First Taste

Thus far in my short time of being a mother, I have truly enjoyed motherhood.  I have been amazed at my ability to be patient, loving and kind to my boys.  I have tried hard to teach them, create routines, nurture them, protect them, and create a loving environment for them to grow in.

T Bear is almost three. He asks me everyday if he is three now.  He is so excited to turn three.  With this new age approaching, new behavior is emerging.  Good and bad.

The other day I lost it.  I actually became so frustrated and upset with T Bear that I YELLED at him and meant it.  I have never done that before.  Afterward, I felt terrible.  I called Big D and cried about what I had done.  Deep down, I was hoping that my efforts of being patient, kind and loving would allow me to escape ever yelling at my children.

Later I was talking to a good friend and she said that this all happened because of FREE AGENCY.  T Bear is now becoming older, smarter and capable of making his own choices.

I realized that Free Agency is the worst part of motherhood.  I want to tell them what do to so that they will be happy and healthy for their whole lives.  I don't want them to disobey, or make bad choices and have to deal with the consequences.  Unfortunately for T Bear, his consequence was me yelling.

Sigh.... I know Free Agency is all part of Heavenly Father's plan, but I am not so sure that I, as a mother, would have made it part of my plan.

-Miss T

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3.18 Speaking of shoes...

Hey Miss T!

Recognize these?

My shoes came! They don't squeak when I walk, but this morning when I put them on I was running around my house a little like T-bear. These shoes could not have had better timing.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours and 18 minutes in the testing center. Do you see that calculus book under my shoes? Yes, it was a calculus test. I went into the testing center fully aware of the impending doom. I cheerfully retrieved my test at the counter, and gushed gratitude as I got my bubble sheet from the girl at the printer. That positive attitude has got to get someone somewhere, right? I entered that enormous room lined with desks and chairs and stressed out students. I looked to my right. I looked to my left. Nothing but chairs and desks and students. As I sat down to begin my test I whispered to the girl who sits at the front of the room watching to make sure people don't cheat, "I might fall asleep, but don't worry about me, my test isn't timed." Shocked, perhaps because I had spoken to her because maybe you aren't supposed to, it took her a minute to catch on. Then she said, "As long as your test isn't timed I'll leave you in peace." I feel in my heart that she wanted to wink at me, so I pretended she did. A good luck wink. Don't you just worry about those kids asleep in the testing center? What if there test is timed?!

I then began my test. The nervous system gets set off all funky in pressure-filled places like the testing center, and I could almost feel the fight or flight reaction begin. Pulse heightening, eyes dilating, sweat increasing, energy immediately to the limbs. And fight I did. For the next Three. Hours. And. Eighteen. Minutes. If it weren't for my Peanut M&M's I would not be here today, wearing my cute (but slightly painful) new shoes.

Thanks for the hot tip on these shoes! You are the best. I'm getting them broken in and I'm going to wager they will last me 5 years. Any other bets? These are Dansko's we're talking about here...

Love you!
Love New-shoe-girl

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Toe-Walking to Squeaking

T Bear at 10 months old

You know that T Bear is a toe-walker.  He has been walking on his toes since he could walk.  Our doctor said it would disappear by the age of 2.  Instead of disappearing, his toe-walking increased.  After T Bear's second birthday, our Doctor sent us to a pediatric surgeon and a physical therapist to help with his toe-walking.  We ordered special inserts for his shoes that seemed to help.  

We seemed to be making progress, until Baby Cub was born and then we started spending a lot more time inside at home without his inserts.  At Christmas, I was expressing my frustration, when my brilliant sister-in-law suggested squeaky shoes. 

Typically squeaky shoes are worn by adorable toddlers who are learning to walk, such as Little Av.  She walks around in her squeaky shoes with the cutest squeak in her step. 

Little Av in her cute sqeaky shoes

I wondered if they even made squeaky shoes big enough for T Bear.  I found a website that had them in his size and even claimed that they helped with proper walking - meaning, they encourage heel striking.  I ordered them immediately.  

Squeaky shoes from Itzy Bitzy
The squeaky shoes arrived and I put them on T Bear.  He thought they were so cool, then he started walking in them.  Sure enough, they encouraged him to walk heel-toe, which was great.  The not-so-great part is that the squeak is more like SQUEAK!!!!  It is so loud and obnoxious.  

Big D took T Bear to store while wearing his squeaky shoes.  T Bear attracted so much attention, that Big D ended up just carrying him out of the store.

We told T Bear that he could only wear his squeaky shoes to outside places - not the library or church.  Last week we were at Green Lake with some friends and T Bear was wearing his squeaky shoes.  Everyone we passed stared at T Bear and wondered where that squeaky noise was coming from.  A lady finally stopped me and asked, "Are those his shoes squeaking?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Well, I guess you will always know where he is," she said (really meaning - WOW! Those are so loud, I can't believe you are letting him wear those).

I smiled and we kept walking, she then came back and asked again, "Did you buy them already squeaky like that?" 

"Yes,"  I felt like I needed to explain more, "They are to help him walk on his heels."

"Oh," she said and finally walked a way.

So if you hear loud squeaking coming your way, it is T Bear.  And trust me, we are not doing it to seek attention.  I realize that these shoes are much cuter on Little Av, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep T Bear from being a toe-walker forever.  Plus, he loves his squeeky shoes - can't you tell?

-Miss T

*Update* This morning when we were going out to the car.  A dog came running up to T Bear.  The dog was friendly, and his owner finally came around the corner to collect him. The owner said, "I think she (the dog) was excited because she thought she heard a squeaky dog toy."  Great - now we are attracting dogs with these shoes!

Friday, February 18, 2011


KK -

I know you hate your period as much as I do, perhaps even more right now.  I was watching a show on Hulu and a girl said this:

"I am on this new birth control pill and it slows down your cycle so much that my time of the month only comes, like, only once every 12 months.  Seriously, I feel like I'm about to get my YEARIOD."

I did a huge LOL.  Then I chuckled thinking about it all day.  Then I laughed again when I told Big D (who didn't think it was as funny as I did).  And now I am giggling as I write this to you.  

Yeariod - just say it, it's funny.  And wouldn't it be great?  Well, the girl then goes on to have the WORST period ever because she only has it once a year.  I don't know if that would be so hot.

Well, here's to the YEARIOD!

-Miss T

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day Surprise EVER!

I did it!  I pulled off a monumental surprise Valentine’s Day for Big D.  I was honestly worried that he had figured out what was going on, especially when I blabbed the secret to so many people.  Luckily I had a lot of help from friends and family to help me keep it secretive.  

 Big D thought we were going out to dinner on Saturday since that was the night I could get a babysitter.  He was surprised when I handed him an envelope at dinner on Friday night.  Inside the mushy card were 2 tickets to a BYU basketball game, to see his “mancrush”: Jimmer Ferdette.  I was hoping for Big D to jump out of his seat with extreme enthusiasm, but I had to remind myself that he is not me (or YOU!).  Instead he said, “BYU basketball tickets - Cool!  But you do know this game is in Utah tomorrow, right?”
“YES!!! That is part of the present.”
“How are we getting there?  What are we doing with our boys? What about everything we have scheduled on Saturday?”
I excitedly informed him that I had taken care of everything.  Baby Cub was flying with us while T Bear would stay in Seattle and be babysat by some friends.  I also told him that his family was going to the game and that they couldn’t wait to meet Baby Cub.
As we packed and got everything ready for our weekend getaway, Big D started to get more and more excited.  
Baby Cub getting ready for his first airplane ride.
We flew to Utah with the only complaint being that Baby Cub won’t take a pacifer, so that made the plane ride a little rough.  After our arrival, we had a pizza lunch with my siblings (Thanks KK, Kelv & Alene, Btown & Jose for making it happen) and pumped ourselves up by watching some Jimmer Ferdette on Youtube.  
It was so exciting to be back a BYU basketball game.  Although our seats were at the top of the Marriott Center (literally), being at a sold out game was thrilling.  
A cute little family with 2 young boys dressed in BYU Jimmer jerseys sat right in front of us.  I just stared at them wishing my T Bear was there.  Finally, I had to lean over and tell the mom that I was just loving watching her boys.  She said her boys are ages 2 and 4, and that they love Jimmer.  The fight over who gets to be Jimmer when they play together.  I told her that I had 2 little boys as well, but she was probably thinking that I was a crazy lady stalking them.
Jimmer had a rough first half of the game, but things started picking up in the second half.  The crowd was going wild for Jimmer Ferdette (did you see Btown’s sign?).
The 2 year boy in front of us stood up on the bench and yelled, “GO JESUS!”  Big D and I busted up laughing.
He kept yelling “Go Jesus” while everyone else was cheering for Jimmer.
I reached over and said to the mom with a smile, “I can tell you talk a lot about Jesus and Jimmer at your house.”
The mom replied, “Yes, I guess you can tell who we worship at our house.”
The BYU Cougars did not let us down and beat Utah.  After the game, we decided to go get T Bear a little $5 BYU shirt.  The did not have any left in his size, so I grabbed a little BYU squishy ball.  I stood in the wrong line at the souviner table.  When I went over to the correct line, there was not a line.  It was a herd of people crowding around the cash register.  No one could tell who was next.  The poor cashier was trying quickly to process everyone’s purchases and kept telling everyone to form a line.  No one wanted to budge.  
How ridiculous, I thought.  And before I could even think about it, I took over the situation.  
“Alirght, that is enough.  We are making a line people!” I said loudly.  I literally started shoving people back into a line.  People were shocked, and moved into the line I was creating.  Then, since I formed the line, I stood towards the front.  I figured you can cut in a line if you created it.  There was one guy kind of to the side of me, I said to him, “Are you in line?” 
He said, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.”
“Then get in line in front of me,” I ordered.
“Oh no, Type A personalities go first,” he said. 
“Is that because you are scared of me?” I asked.
“Yes.  I am scared of women,” he replied.
He stepped line behind me, and I quickly bought my ball and was on my way.  Big D watched this all happen from a safe distance where no one would know that he was my husband.  
We spent the rest of the weekend with Big D’s family so they could get to know Baby Cub.  Even though it was a quick trip, we were anxious to get back to our T Bear.
I told Big D that I had won.  He wanted to know what I won.  I told him I won Valentine’s Day.  Big D said that he didn’t know you could win Valentine’s Day.  Turns out you can and I did.  But he better not expect this every year.  I am hoping that this amazing surprise/present will last for about 10 years.  
Thank you KK for all your help.  It was so great to give you a BIG hug.
-Miss T, the winner of Valentine’s Day 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A fun Time.

Anybody know the time?

We sure do thanks to Miga! Miss T it's so fun to have you here with us in UT. Today when we didn't even plan to wear the watches Miga made us for Christmas, and then we did--now that was a sisterhood moment.

I love this watch Miga made, because
1. It is fashionable and adorable
2. It tells the time
3. It's quiet
4. The face is clear

Remember how I used to have that talking watch? Vivian? Well, it's nice that this watch is a little quieter. Thanks Miga for giving us all such a good time.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Baby Cub after his bath.  Poop-free smile!
Dear KK -

I had heard that babies are different from each other.  Honestly, I loved T Bear as a baby and could not picture how our next baby would be different.  Then Baby Cub came and I quickly found out how different my boys are.  

One of the biggest differences is that Baby Cub frequently has blowouts.  Are you familiar with this?  This is when the poop is not contained by the diaper.  I had seriously can count on one hand the number of times T Bear has had a blowout.  Baby Cub on the other hand has a blowout at least once of week.

*Pause*  You are probably wondering why I am even writing a blog about poopy diapers.  You have to realized how much of my time every day is spent changing diapers, feeding, wiping bottoms, etc.   This is what my life is consumed with right now, so of course it seems like a great topic for a blog.  

Back to the story... today's blowout was amazing.  By the time I stripped this boy down, there was poop all the way up the back to his neck, on his arms, and on his cheek.  I then freaked out about fecal-oral diseases, which I remember learning all about in Mircobioloy at BYU.  That then reminded me of you at BYU and how you are not thinking about poopy diapers all day long.  I then was slightly jealous.

After I bathed Baby Cub, I wrapped up in his towel.  He was so happy.  I love it when he smiles at me like I am the most amazing person in the world.  Baby Cub's smile lights up my day, and then I don't mind that he has blowouts all the time.

Well, hope you enjoy a blowout free day!

Miss T

Monday, February 7, 2011

Send the Message that You Need a Date Night

KK -

We all need a date night, but that doesn't always happen.  Sometimes you need to send the message LOUD and CLEAR that you need a date night.

I dressed Baby Cub in this outfit and it worked.  I got a short date to the Crepe Cafe.  It was heavenly.

So send the message that you need a date night and get creative is you need to.  Use children's clothing (like me), be more flirty, use chalk, or post-it notes, or billboards, or youtube, whatever.  You will be happier if you get a date night in once in awhile.

Thanks Baby Cub and Big D for making me a happier lady.

-Miss T

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Consequence of the Independent 2 year old

Here is how it happened:

I was feeding Baby Cub while T Bear was playing in the same room.  T Bear ran out of the room saying he needed to go potty.  I asked him to wait until I was finished feeding Baby Cub.

I then hear T Bear lifting up the toilet seat and saying "I can do it by myself Mommy."  Oh dear, I thought and remained sitting on the chair in the other room (note - a mistake).  

The bathroom T Bear was in did not have a stool, and so I hear T Bear yell, "Uh-oh my pee is going all over the floor!"  I still staying feeding Baby Cub (note - another mistake) and tell T Bear to come out of the bathroom and we will clean it up later thinking that the damage was already done, why get up now?

Then I hear T Bear say "I will clean it up."  Then I hear nothing (nothing is the sound of trouble, but I still fed Baby Cub).

Finally I hear rushing water and T Bear saying "Uh-oh Mommy!"  Finally I interrupt Baby Cub's bottle and race to the bathroom to find T Bear standing in water and the toiled over flowing.  T Bear had put almost a whole role of toiled paper down the toilet and tried to flush it.  

What do I do first?  I tell T Bear to stay there.  I run and get my camera.  As I am taking a picture, I tell T Bear I am doing this so that we can show Daddy later.  He looked scared.  Really, I thought I would take a picture to laugh at it later.

Then the clean up begins.  I start mopping up the water with towels while T Bear strips off all of his wet clothes.  Then he comes and offers to help again.  I tell him he can use that little towel to help wipe up the floor (note - yet another mistake).  I return from carrying wet towels outside, to find T Bear has put his towel into the overflowing toilet.  That was it!!! He was out of there.  

As I was telling this to Miga, she said, "Well, you talk to him like he is a 10 year old and forget that he is only 2!!!" 

Big D wanted to know what I did to actually punish him. I told him nothing, I just put him down nap.  For the record, T Bear did say he was sorry multiple times.

Luckily the new house was stocked with a plunger.

All this was a result of an independent 2 yr old in a house that is too big, and a mommy who ignored some obvious signs.  Still makes for a pretty good story.

-Miss T

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every Kid's Dream

Isn't it every kid's dream to move into a house with a Roller Coaster?

T Bear sure loves it.

Come and visit us anytime.  Friends and family get their first ride FREE!