Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day Surprise EVER!

I did it!  I pulled off a monumental surprise Valentine’s Day for Big D.  I was honestly worried that he had figured out what was going on, especially when I blabbed the secret to so many people.  Luckily I had a lot of help from friends and family to help me keep it secretive.  

 Big D thought we were going out to dinner on Saturday since that was the night I could get a babysitter.  He was surprised when I handed him an envelope at dinner on Friday night.  Inside the mushy card were 2 tickets to a BYU basketball game, to see his “mancrush”: Jimmer Ferdette.  I was hoping for Big D to jump out of his seat with extreme enthusiasm, but I had to remind myself that he is not me (or YOU!).  Instead he said, “BYU basketball tickets - Cool!  But you do know this game is in Utah tomorrow, right?”
“YES!!! That is part of the present.”
“How are we getting there?  What are we doing with our boys? What about everything we have scheduled on Saturday?”
I excitedly informed him that I had taken care of everything.  Baby Cub was flying with us while T Bear would stay in Seattle and be babysat by some friends.  I also told him that his family was going to the game and that they couldn’t wait to meet Baby Cub.
As we packed and got everything ready for our weekend getaway, Big D started to get more and more excited.  
Baby Cub getting ready for his first airplane ride.
We flew to Utah with the only complaint being that Baby Cub won’t take a pacifer, so that made the plane ride a little rough.  After our arrival, we had a pizza lunch with my siblings (Thanks KK, Kelv & Alene, Btown & Jose for making it happen) and pumped ourselves up by watching some Jimmer Ferdette on Youtube.  
It was so exciting to be back a BYU basketball game.  Although our seats were at the top of the Marriott Center (literally), being at a sold out game was thrilling.  
A cute little family with 2 young boys dressed in BYU Jimmer jerseys sat right in front of us.  I just stared at them wishing my T Bear was there.  Finally, I had to lean over and tell the mom that I was just loving watching her boys.  She said her boys are ages 2 and 4, and that they love Jimmer.  The fight over who gets to be Jimmer when they play together.  I told her that I had 2 little boys as well, but she was probably thinking that I was a crazy lady stalking them.
Jimmer had a rough first half of the game, but things started picking up in the second half.  The crowd was going wild for Jimmer Ferdette (did you see Btown’s sign?).
The 2 year boy in front of us stood up on the bench and yelled, “GO JESUS!”  Big D and I busted up laughing.
He kept yelling “Go Jesus” while everyone else was cheering for Jimmer.
I reached over and said to the mom with a smile, “I can tell you talk a lot about Jesus and Jimmer at your house.”
The mom replied, “Yes, I guess you can tell who we worship at our house.”
The BYU Cougars did not let us down and beat Utah.  After the game, we decided to go get T Bear a little $5 BYU shirt.  The did not have any left in his size, so I grabbed a little BYU squishy ball.  I stood in the wrong line at the souviner table.  When I went over to the correct line, there was not a line.  It was a herd of people crowding around the cash register.  No one could tell who was next.  The poor cashier was trying quickly to process everyone’s purchases and kept telling everyone to form a line.  No one wanted to budge.  
How ridiculous, I thought.  And before I could even think about it, I took over the situation.  
“Alirght, that is enough.  We are making a line people!” I said loudly.  I literally started shoving people back into a line.  People were shocked, and moved into the line I was creating.  Then, since I formed the line, I stood towards the front.  I figured you can cut in a line if you created it.  There was one guy kind of to the side of me, I said to him, “Are you in line?” 
He said, “I will do whatever you tell me to do.”
“Then get in line in front of me,” I ordered.
“Oh no, Type A personalities go first,” he said. 
“Is that because you are scared of me?” I asked.
“Yes.  I am scared of women,” he replied.
He stepped line behind me, and I quickly bought my ball and was on my way.  Big D watched this all happen from a safe distance where no one would know that he was my husband.  
We spent the rest of the weekend with Big D’s family so they could get to know Baby Cub.  Even though it was a quick trip, we were anxious to get back to our T Bear.
I told Big D that I had won.  He wanted to know what I won.  I told him I won Valentine’s Day.  Big D said that he didn’t know you could win Valentine’s Day.  Turns out you can and I did.  But he better not expect this every year.  I am hoping that this amazing surprise/present will last for about 10 years.  
Thank you KK for all your help.  It was so great to give you a BIG hug.
-Miss T, the winner of Valentine’s Day 2011


  1. ten! this is an AWESOME surprise. good work on pulling it off! i dream of pulling off a fun surprise like this for trav one day but i don't know how it is even possible since we both know every single penny that goes in and out of our account. you'll have to tell me your tricks!

  2. OKay girlies... I just remembered about this blog today and checked it... Oh my! I feel like I've missed out on so much fun and so many great stories! You two are the best story tellers in the world!!! I'm excited to add this to my bookmark page and look forward to a good laugh.
    You two are so cute BTW!!!

  3. Yes, let it be known to all that she did surprise me and it was awesome. Thanks babe, I love you so much.

  4. WOW! that is the coolest present ever! You will have to watch the modern family valentine special on hulu. there is an entire clip where the wife claims that she won valentines day and the husband said you can't win valentines day...so funny!

  5. Awesome Tenley! :-D You totally won. I agree. So does Kelv! I loved your Jesus and creating the line story. I can totally see that in my head and I'm still chuckling about!