Monday, February 28, 2011

Used You...Thanks!

Hey Miss T-

Just wanted to let you know I used you yesterday in my Relief Society Lesson. Your previous post fit in perfectly with what I got to talk about.

This week in Relief Society was what they call a Teachings of the Living Prophets week, which we all love because it focuses in on a specific talk from the most recent General Conference. Can I just throw out there that I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE? It's in this beautiful building:

And it just so happens that last October I got to attend with some dear friends:

Yes, this is inside the conference center:

And yes this is the Prophet! He's shaking hands, isn't that cute? The man second in from the right with the red tie is the man whose talk I talked about:

So, the point is, I talked about Elder Ballard's talk "O That Cunning Plan of the Evil one". Sounds intense just from the title, right? It is rather intense on many levels, and this is one of the reasons why it was beyond perfect to add a little bit of light-hearted real life to my lesson with your blog. From this talk though, I think we all can see why you wish you could choose and pick for T-bear to keep him safe and happy.

The good news is, even though there is a cunning evil plan, Heavenly Father has a better plan for us. He has not put us here to be enslaved to human appetites, or in bondage to horrible habits. Rather he has put us here to create! To experience life as the masterpiece that we each are! So then I showed them the Mormon Message "Create". I think over all it turned out well.

Thanks for writing something real, and honest, and true. We all could relate to it. Other than the fact that none of us are mothers yet that is. Love you!

Love, KK

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  1. oh those darn mormon messages... they always make me cry.