Friday, February 11, 2011


Baby Cub after his bath.  Poop-free smile!
Dear KK -

I had heard that babies are different from each other.  Honestly, I loved T Bear as a baby and could not picture how our next baby would be different.  Then Baby Cub came and I quickly found out how different my boys are.  

One of the biggest differences is that Baby Cub frequently has blowouts.  Are you familiar with this?  This is when the poop is not contained by the diaper.  I had seriously can count on one hand the number of times T Bear has had a blowout.  Baby Cub on the other hand has a blowout at least once of week.

*Pause*  You are probably wondering why I am even writing a blog about poopy diapers.  You have to realized how much of my time every day is spent changing diapers, feeding, wiping bottoms, etc.   This is what my life is consumed with right now, so of course it seems like a great topic for a blog.  

Back to the story... today's blowout was amazing.  By the time I stripped this boy down, there was poop all the way up the back to his neck, on his arms, and on his cheek.  I then freaked out about fecal-oral diseases, which I remember learning all about in Mircobioloy at BYU.  That then reminded me of you at BYU and how you are not thinking about poopy diapers all day long.  I then was slightly jealous.

After I bathed Baby Cub, I wrapped up in his towel.  He was so happy.  I love it when he smiles at me like I am the most amazing person in the world.  Baby Cub's smile lights up my day, and then I don't mind that he has blowouts all the time.

Well, hope you enjoy a blowout free day!

Miss T

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  1. You are lucky that you got one that didn't have blowouts! Both of mine have had tons and tons of them. Thank goodness for solid food.