Monday, February 7, 2011

Send the Message that You Need a Date Night

KK -

We all need a date night, but that doesn't always happen.  Sometimes you need to send the message LOUD and CLEAR that you need a date night.

I dressed Baby Cub in this outfit and it worked.  I got a short date to the Crepe Cafe.  It was heavenly.

So send the message that you need a date night and get creative is you need to.  Use children's clothing (like me), be more flirty, use chalk, or post-it notes, or billboards, or youtube, whatever.  You will be happier if you get a date night in once in awhile.

Thanks Baby Cub and Big D for making me a happier lady.

-Miss T


  1. shoot, he should have gotten home and seen how HOT you looked and wanted to take you on a date without baby cub's shirt. seriously, you look gorgeous!

    i finally figured out a way to comment on your blog . . . via my husband's computer! DUH! took me long enough to figure that one out. there's just something about my mac that won't let me comment when people use this format :( oh well, glad i figured it out :)

  2. I NEED THAT SHIRT! Where did you get it? So so clever and cute! (And Cindy's right... you do look so great in the picture!)

  3. Oh YES you do look GREAT.
    You definitely deserved a date.

  4. Abby - THe shirt was from Target and Dave's aunt sent it to us. I need to find it so I can give it to other mommies.

  5. Baby Cub's face is awesome!! He is saying, "Don't leave me!"