Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3.18 Speaking of shoes...

Hey Miss T!

Recognize these?

My shoes came! They don't squeak when I walk, but this morning when I put them on I was running around my house a little like T-bear. These shoes could not have had better timing.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours and 18 minutes in the testing center. Do you see that calculus book under my shoes? Yes, it was a calculus test. I went into the testing center fully aware of the impending doom. I cheerfully retrieved my test at the counter, and gushed gratitude as I got my bubble sheet from the girl at the printer. That positive attitude has got to get someone somewhere, right? I entered that enormous room lined with desks and chairs and stressed out students. I looked to my right. I looked to my left. Nothing but chairs and desks and students. As I sat down to begin my test I whispered to the girl who sits at the front of the room watching to make sure people don't cheat, "I might fall asleep, but don't worry about me, my test isn't timed." Shocked, perhaps because I had spoken to her because maybe you aren't supposed to, it took her a minute to catch on. Then she said, "As long as your test isn't timed I'll leave you in peace." I feel in my heart that she wanted to wink at me, so I pretended she did. A good luck wink. Don't you just worry about those kids asleep in the testing center? What if there test is timed?!

I then began my test. The nervous system gets set off all funky in pressure-filled places like the testing center, and I could almost feel the fight or flight reaction begin. Pulse heightening, eyes dilating, sweat increasing, energy immediately to the limbs. And fight I did. For the next Three. Hours. And. Eighteen. Minutes. If it weren't for my Peanut M&M's I would not be here today, wearing my cute (but slightly painful) new shoes.

Thanks for the hot tip on these shoes! You are the best. I'm getting them broken in and I'm going to wager they will last me 5 years. Any other bets? These are Dansko's we're talking about here...

Love you!
Love New-shoe-girl

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  1. First of all - I love the shoes. Second, I can picture you sleeping in testing center. I never did, but I saw plenty of kids who were sleeping. I do hope their tests were not timed!!!! Glad you survived. Too funny....