Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sister's Blessing Day

Dear Miss T,

Today was CC's blessing day. Today she was held in the arms of her father, her two grandfathers, and an uncle, and was given God's blessing to live and thrive and love while on this earth. Her spirit is beautiful already. Her potential excites me. And I am so grateful for God's power to bless her now at the start of her life.

 The Chatterton Family

Miga and CC

CC wore the dress that Miga made and JT wore last year. It actually fit CC better at 4 months and 13 lbs than it did JT at 2 months and 9 lbs. CC smiled a lot of today. Which was equally irresistible and celestial, really. 

Miga loves your boys for sure, but I think she likes that some girls have joined the equation. JT handled the day really well- meaning she didn't seem super jealous that CC got to be the star of the day. I hope these two sisters can always be there for each other's special blessing days, and all the other non-special days too. Like you are for me.

Love, Kk

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mom Batteries


Today I drove Cub and his little friend to the Zoo.  As we were driving home I made a phone call using the bluetooth system in my car.  As I wrote about earlier - sometimes I have trouble communicating with the electronic voice making the call in my car.

After answering all of the questions, the last thing the voice said was "Phone battery low."

I heard Cub's friend giggle and say "Mom battery low."  I think he thought it really had said that.

Then I giggled because I did feel like my Mom battery was running low.  Really low.

I love being a mom, but they do wear me down at times.  My Mom battery doesn't last as long as I would like.  Some days I wish I had a longer lasting battery or a super charged one.

The good news, I guess, is that my batteries are rechargeable.  I recharge them with sleep, chocolate, stupid TV shows, a good book, the Mormon channel, exercise, and snuggles from my boys.  Right now the best thing for recharging my batteries is when Big D is home.

When he comes home, all is right again in the world.  He takes care of me and the boys so well.  And his Dad battery always seems to be charged.  Man, I am thankful for him.

Good luck with your Mom battery this week KK.  I hope you will fine ways to charge your Mom battery when it is running low.

-Miss T