Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Hi Miss T-

Tonight I am avoiding. I tried calling you to chat so I could avoid. Just, you know. Those things that pile up at night that you know you need to do, but you just don't want to.

Dishes, laundry, making up Christmas dance recital routines, doing something with the zucchini monsters on my counter, doing something with the many tomatoes on the counter (I know. You convinced me I am capable of making tomato sauce, and I want to do that, I am just...avoiding it right now), cleaning up under the table, washing bottles and nipples, tidying, changing our closet lightbulb, doing stuff for church, more dishes and more laundry.

Yeah. Those are all the things I am avoiding right now. And I am avoiding it by choosing to document cute pictures of my girls dressed up and at a pumpkin patch. Because I remember all the times you have taken adorable pictures of your boys dressed up and/or at pumpkin patches, like this time, and this one, and this time, and this one. I LOVE IT.

So we didn't take any pictures with the nice camera, nor take the time to make sure we were in the nice scenery portion of the patch, BUT if you have cute subjects like a skeleton (thanks for the outfit!) and a cat, then it works out anyway.

Ok. I better be done avoiding now. Until next time,