Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's General Conference time!

Hey Miss T,

It's my favorite semi-annual time of year again. You guessed it. It's General Conference time. And I am at home in Boise to enjoy it!

We watched the first two sessions with Mr. P's family, and will watch the next two with Miga and Poppa. I just can't express how much I love hearing from living prophets and apostles-people who get help directly from God for all of us to not only have better lives with each other, but especially to prepare and make the most of the time we have here on earth. Plus the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is UH-MAAAAZZZZZ-ING.

For anyone who hasn't yet checked it out, it's easy-peasy, and 100% worth your time!

Click here to access General Conference online.

What's your favorite talk been so far? I'd love to hear.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Food, But Not Good For You


As you know, I am not the kind of sister that is going to share recipes with you.  I can not tell you how to make delicious food from scratch.  I do cook, but only out of necessity.  I don't spend a lot of time finding and trying new recipes.  Sorry for you loss, but I am sure you can find another kind of "sister" on the internet that can give you all that kind of information.

What I can tell you about is this new wonderful cold cereal.  Krave:Double Chocolate.  Warning: Do not eat this for breakfast!  Save it for dessert!  It is so chocolaty and delicious that it is perfect for a late night snack.  In fact, I would join the "cold cereal club" if I could eat this cereal late at night.  

I am eating it right now.  SOOOOO GOOD.

Speaking of food.... let me tell you more about me not cooking and feeding my boys some not-so-good-for-you food.

Yesterday I was just kind of having a down day.  There was nothing specifically bad or wrong, I was just ready for the day to be done.  Around 4pm, I lost it.  All day I had been battling a stupid smoke detector.  It needed a new battery, but I did not want to pack up my two kids and drive to the store for 1 battery.  Consequently, I was trying to make the annoying periodic beeping stop.  While messing with it, I set off the alarm which made both boys panic and cry.  Then I started crying because I just wanted my husband home to take care of this for me. 

Realizing that Big D was not going to be home anytime soon, I decided to put my "big girl panties" on and try to do something about it.  The boys got on their scooter and tricycle and we walked down to the corner market.  I was hoping they would have a 9V battery, but if they did not I had already decided that we would just deal with the beeping for another day.  We made it to the market, and luckily the did have two 9V batteries.  I bought both and thanked the cashier/owner profusely for the batteries.  I just couldn't help myself, and I had to tell him my personal stress with the smoke detector and how he had saved me from taking my boys to a grocery store.  I am sure he was thinking "TMI lady!"  

As we left, I saw our organic doughnut shop across the street. We headed in and picked up some French Toast doughnuts and Lemon Poppy doughnuts.  I told T Bear we were going to eat these doughnuts for dinner.  He gave me a look that said he didn't believe what I was saying.  Then he laughed as he got back on his scooter and we headed home.

As I promised, I served Mighty-O doughnuts with banana milkshakes and strawberries for dinner.  I felt slightly guilty for serving my boys such a poor dinner.  Miga called during dinner and when I told her what I was serving my boys, she said, "BEST MOM EVER!"

She is right.  I am the best mom ever!  Don't you wish your mom served you doughnuts and milkshakes for dinner?  I do.

Now go get yourself Krave or at least have a dinner like ours soon.

-Miss T

Monday, March 26, 2012

See Ya - Nihon ni ikimashoo

Many of you know that I served my LDS mission in Japan.  Did you know that 3 of my brothers also served in Japan? Did you know that my Dad served in Japan as well?  It is a weird family "tradition."

As a family, we have always talked about taking a huge family trip to Japan and tour up and down the whole country.  We never knew when this trip would actually take place, but it has always been a hope that is would happen. 

Recently my Dad had a strong impression that he needed to go back to Japan soon to visit some specific people.  Unfortunately, on such short notice, not all of the family could arrange to go back to Japan at the same time.

Luckily, Big D and I are going back to Japan with my parents and B-town.  I AM SO EXCITED!  Nihon ni ikimasu! tanoshimi!  It will be an amazing 10 days in a country that I love so much.  Which reminds me that I need to start brushing up on my Japanese......


-Miss T

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How many chocolates does it take...?

Dear Miss T,

The semester is winding down. Before we know it, finals will be upon Mr. P and I. Good thing he knows how to take care of me, right?

How many chocolate types can you count?

Love, Chocolatey Kk

Monday, March 19, 2012

Stay-cation Seattle


Seattle is one of the best cities to have a "stay-cation."  Every time we have someone visit us in Seattle, I feel like we have our own little "stay-cation."

Last weekend Trent and Lady A came to visit us. We took them to some of our favorite spots and even checked out some new ones.  We went to the top of the Columbia Tower to see the spectacular view from the 73rd floor (it is now $9 instead of $5 for all of you locals).  T Bear and Cub loved the model of the Columbia Tower instead of the view.

Trent and Lady A spoiled my boys with attention, food, tickles, and toys.  The highlight was on St. Patrick's Day morning, Trent taught T Bear all about Leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, and more.  The next day they were making Leprechauns traps for hours.  It was adorable.

We also watched the first episode of Sherlock.  Have you heard about the show?  It was pretty good.

Other highlights were: cheering for the Sounders at a soccer game, chowder, doughnuts, a walk in the rain, shopping at Nordstrom Rack, riding the monorail, and being on a very crowded metro bus on St. Patrick's Day.

We love visitors - so keep coming to see us.  We will give you a wonderful vacation!

-Miss T

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guzzling Water

Dear Miss T,

I'm in a guzzle phase.
I guzzle water all day long.
It's as if I'm more thirsty than hungry.
My lips are chapped.
They are telling me I'm thirsty.
But guess what, I already know I'm thirsty.
So I drink a bottle of water.
Then I refill it at the drinking fountain.
Of course the water then is so cold it hurts me teeth.
But I drink it anyway.
Because, remember how I am thirsty?

Yes, this means
I do go to the bathroom.
All the time.
And then I just drink more water.
Does this ever happen to you?
I wonder how long this phase will last.
I just can't help it.
I'm so thirsty.
So I guess my tip of the day is:
Drink your water today!
Lot's of it.
Before you become
crazy thirsty like me.

Love, Auntie KK

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paper Products are the "New" Toys


Last time I went to Costco, I brought home an enormous bag of toilet paper.  

Thinking that I could provide a good "work" experience for T Bear, I told him I would give him some money if he put all of the rolls of toilet paper away in the bathrooms.  Excitedly he got started on the job and recruited Cub to help him.  Very quickly, the job of putting toilet paper rolls away turned into throwing them down the stairs and laughing.  I let this continue for awhile, and then made the boys properly put them away in the bathrooms.

Now, whenever Cub gets a chance, he opens the cupboard doors, grabs a roll and runs to the stairs.  He throws in down the stairs, screams happily and tries to repeat the process.  Usually I catch him pretty quickly, but sometimes he gets a good 4 rolls down the stairs.  He doesn't understand that the first time they did it, it was cute.  But now it is getting annoying.

Then yesterday, the boys were hanging out in my bathroom while I was getting ready.  They usually play "pirate ship" in the bathtub, until Cub turns the water on and gets their blankets wet.  This time, they were playing pirates, but Cub discovered "buried treasure" in the drawers.  Before I knew it, they were grabbing tampons and pads and throwing them into the bathtub.  T Bear was chanting "Tampons make us healthy and strong!"  

Once again, I let it go because it was too cute and funny.  Now my fear is the next time they are playing in the bathroom, it will turned to tampon play again and again.  I think I need to go back to letting them watch a TV show while I get ready in the morning....... and why do they enjoy paper products more than toys?

-Miss T

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Oh Good, You're Not Dead!"

Cub waiting to make a hoop
T Bear taking out the trash

KK -

There is a very common thing that happens when you become a mother.  Your child sleeps longer than you expected, and you start to worry if they are still alive in their bed.  It is a morbid thought, but honestly that is what happens.  You can't control it.

Well, last week I went home to Boise to have our mom, Miga, take of me and my boys.

One morning I heard Miga get up with my boys early in the morning, so took advantage of the opportunity to peacefully stay in bed a few more minutes.  After some quiet early morning rest, Miga came into my room and carefully started looking at me.  I rolled over, and she said, "Oh good, you're not dead!"

Immediately I told Miga that I thought that "motherly instinct" would end when your children become adults.  She told me it never ends.  I let out a big "UGH!" and rolled out of bed to go find my sweet boys.

I like being a mother to my boys, but I also like having my mother around me at the same time.

-Miss T

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Dear Miss T and Miga,


In case you can't tell, I'm very excited about it.

So excited, that Mr. P and I felt honored to be able to celebrate with Oreo today. So, like any kind and loving husband would, Mr. P drove me to Target in a nasty windy rain-sleet-snow storm tonight so we could get some Oreos.

We celebrated. And we wished you could have been with us. :) But I don't actually feel too bad for you because you are in Boise. So good thing we're allowed to have simultaneous birthday parties in both locations, right?

We dipped our Oreos in milk. Classic. Then I tried to photograph the little chocolate flakes that float in your milk after you've dunked your Oreo. I guess I wanted to make some little comment about how every good Oreo fan would understand this image. But as you can see, the photo didn't turn out well.

So then Mr. P asked me if I wanted more little chocolate flakes in my cup. "That seems like a good idea! Yes it will photograph better if we just put more in there." Is that the thought that really went through my head? Gee whiz I guess it is. Because I then allowed Mr. P to "help" me get more chocolate flakes in my cup. That was a mistake.

Yep, you guessed it. Chunk overboard! (And then I finally got the sense to turn the flash off.)

Happy Birthday Oreo! You may be 100, but you are timeless to me!

Oreo-lover KK

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome Baby C

Dear Miss T,

While you are patiently enjoying your two boys, a new little monster came into this world.

Yep. He's an adorable little red-head, and his two red-headed parents (one of them being my old roommate!) are so happy to welcome him into this world. Right now he's just a sweet little newborn.

See? Nothing but sweetness.

But YOU know what that adorable sweet little monster is going to turn into, don't you?

Gratefully, I think you'd still say it's worth it.
Love, Auntie Kk

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Waiting for Answers to Prayers...


When I was a brand new mama, I was seriously impressed with the amount of patience I contained.  I would look at my baby T Bear and congratulate myself on being so patient.

Fast forward 3+ years to now, and I am laughing at my naive thoughts of new motherhood.  T Bear is almost 4 and Cub is almost 16 months.  Now I find myself running completely empty on patience.  I am constantly praying for more patience.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

Cub:  He is officially a toddler.  That means his comprehension is growing exponentially, but he is getting frustrated.  He is starting to scream and throw tantrums.  And he has an arm.  He will throw anything across the room: food, spoons, cups, balls, toys, toilet paper rolls, cars, sticks, boxes, etc.

T Bear:  Today I wrote down some of the questions T Bear asked me.

-"How did they get the picture of Lightning McQueen on my underwear?"
-"Is this the right way to hold a pencil?"
-"How old am I going to be when I am a boy scout?"
-"How does a phone call a computer?"
-"Why?" multiple that times 1,000
-"Who wants a zero world?"  (what?)
-"Is it spring?"
-"When is my birthday?"
-"How old am I going to be when I'm a grown-up?"
-"How does this different toothpaste work?"
-"How does my remote send messages to my remote control car?"
-"Why did Cub spill my water? Do you think he chose to spill it?"
-"What does 'yes way' mean?"
-"Why is it doing fast drips?"
-"Where do you go when you go in a rocket ship and you go in space and you jump out and you forgot your special backpack suit, where do you go?"

This is only a sampling of his never ending questions.  I know I should be thrilled with his curiosity, but honestly it is exhausting.

And this is why I am offering never-ending prayers for patience.

As I am writing this, I have received some inspiration.  I need to fake it until I make it. Hopefully practicing/"faking" more patience will help me show more patience to my boys.  

-Miss T