Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Food, But Not Good For You


As you know, I am not the kind of sister that is going to share recipes with you.  I can not tell you how to make delicious food from scratch.  I do cook, but only out of necessity.  I don't spend a lot of time finding and trying new recipes.  Sorry for you loss, but I am sure you can find another kind of "sister" on the internet that can give you all that kind of information.

What I can tell you about is this new wonderful cold cereal.  Krave:Double Chocolate.  Warning: Do not eat this for breakfast!  Save it for dessert!  It is so chocolaty and delicious that it is perfect for a late night snack.  In fact, I would join the "cold cereal club" if I could eat this cereal late at night.  

I am eating it right now.  SOOOOO GOOD.

Speaking of food.... let me tell you more about me not cooking and feeding my boys some not-so-good-for-you food.

Yesterday I was just kind of having a down day.  There was nothing specifically bad or wrong, I was just ready for the day to be done.  Around 4pm, I lost it.  All day I had been battling a stupid smoke detector.  It needed a new battery, but I did not want to pack up my two kids and drive to the store for 1 battery.  Consequently, I was trying to make the annoying periodic beeping stop.  While messing with it, I set off the alarm which made both boys panic and cry.  Then I started crying because I just wanted my husband home to take care of this for me. 

Realizing that Big D was not going to be home anytime soon, I decided to put my "big girl panties" on and try to do something about it.  The boys got on their scooter and tricycle and we walked down to the corner market.  I was hoping they would have a 9V battery, but if they did not I had already decided that we would just deal with the beeping for another day.  We made it to the market, and luckily the did have two 9V batteries.  I bought both and thanked the cashier/owner profusely for the batteries.  I just couldn't help myself, and I had to tell him my personal stress with the smoke detector and how he had saved me from taking my boys to a grocery store.  I am sure he was thinking "TMI lady!"  

As we left, I saw our organic doughnut shop across the street. We headed in and picked up some French Toast doughnuts and Lemon Poppy doughnuts.  I told T Bear we were going to eat these doughnuts for dinner.  He gave me a look that said he didn't believe what I was saying.  Then he laughed as he got back on his scooter and we headed home.

As I promised, I served Mighty-O doughnuts with banana milkshakes and strawberries for dinner.  I felt slightly guilty for serving my boys such a poor dinner.  Miga called during dinner and when I told her what I was serving my boys, she said, "BEST MOM EVER!"

She is right.  I am the best mom ever!  Don't you wish your mom served you doughnuts and milkshakes for dinner?  I do.

Now go get yourself Krave or at least have a dinner like ours soon.

-Miss T


  1. You *ARE* the best mom ever ... and the perfect mother for your two precious little ones (who probably drive you bonkers quite often).

    I wish we could get together and chat about life and things ... let me know if you want to make the trek and come over sometime. We would love to have you and your boys over :) !!

    Hang in there! We all have days/months/years like this :) !!

  2. Hi, T! Just discovered and love your blogaroo.
    KRAVE it at Costco the other day and it's essential to one's life. I LOVE that new cereal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    And so are donuts. The other night we had Top Pots for lunch. Not too shabby.
    You ARE the best mom ever. I know how hard it is to do it alone and you rock it.
    Live it up with the yummy eats. You deserve it. See ya tonight, hopefully! :)

  3. OOOOOkay. Awesome. Love this post. Love what you fed them for dinner. Love you.
    Can I feed them that when I come?
    I will try that cereal as soon as possible. It looks right up my alley.

  4. Just revisited this post. I have gone through two boxes of Krave this past month. Turns out I need a lot of little treats and rewards for being pregnant. :)