Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paper Products are the "New" Toys


Last time I went to Costco, I brought home an enormous bag of toilet paper.  

Thinking that I could provide a good "work" experience for T Bear, I told him I would give him some money if he put all of the rolls of toilet paper away in the bathrooms.  Excitedly he got started on the job and recruited Cub to help him.  Very quickly, the job of putting toilet paper rolls away turned into throwing them down the stairs and laughing.  I let this continue for awhile, and then made the boys properly put them away in the bathrooms.

Now, whenever Cub gets a chance, he opens the cupboard doors, grabs a roll and runs to the stairs.  He throws in down the stairs, screams happily and tries to repeat the process.  Usually I catch him pretty quickly, but sometimes he gets a good 4 rolls down the stairs.  He doesn't understand that the first time they did it, it was cute.  But now it is getting annoying.

Then yesterday, the boys were hanging out in my bathroom while I was getting ready.  They usually play "pirate ship" in the bathtub, until Cub turns the water on and gets their blankets wet.  This time, they were playing pirates, but Cub discovered "buried treasure" in the drawers.  Before I knew it, they were grabbing tampons and pads and throwing them into the bathtub.  T Bear was chanting "Tampons make us healthy and strong!"  

Once again, I let it go because it was too cute and funny.  Now my fear is the next time they are playing in the bathroom, it will turned to tampon play again and again.  I think I need to go back to letting them watch a TV show while I get ready in the morning....... and why do they enjoy paper products more than toys?

-Miss T

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    I am laughing sooo hard right now. How amazing. Yes, eventually they really will need to give up playing with tampons and pads...but for today it gave me a needed laugh. :)