Thursday, March 1, 2012

Waiting for Answers to Prayers...


When I was a brand new mama, I was seriously impressed with the amount of patience I contained.  I would look at my baby T Bear and congratulate myself on being so patient.

Fast forward 3+ years to now, and I am laughing at my naive thoughts of new motherhood.  T Bear is almost 4 and Cub is almost 16 months.  Now I find myself running completely empty on patience.  I am constantly praying for more patience.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

Cub:  He is officially a toddler.  That means his comprehension is growing exponentially, but he is getting frustrated.  He is starting to scream and throw tantrums.  And he has an arm.  He will throw anything across the room: food, spoons, cups, balls, toys, toilet paper rolls, cars, sticks, boxes, etc.

T Bear:  Today I wrote down some of the questions T Bear asked me.

-"How did they get the picture of Lightning McQueen on my underwear?"
-"Is this the right way to hold a pencil?"
-"How old am I going to be when I am a boy scout?"
-"How does a phone call a computer?"
-"Why?" multiple that times 1,000
-"Who wants a zero world?"  (what?)
-"Is it spring?"
-"When is my birthday?"
-"How old am I going to be when I'm a grown-up?"
-"How does this different toothpaste work?"
-"How does my remote send messages to my remote control car?"
-"Why did Cub spill my water? Do you think he chose to spill it?"
-"What does 'yes way' mean?"
-"Why is it doing fast drips?"
-"Where do you go when you go in a rocket ship and you go in space and you jump out and you forgot your special backpack suit, where do you go?"

This is only a sampling of his never ending questions.  I know I should be thrilled with his curiosity, but honestly it is exhausting.

And this is why I am offering never-ending prayers for patience.

As I am writing this, I have received some inspiration.  I need to fake it until I make it. Hopefully practicing/"faking" more patience will help me show more patience to my boys.  

-Miss T

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  1. Oh good gravy! What hilarious questions...but yes, I can see the testing of patience.

    You fake that girl, fake it til you make it, or at least until I get there in May...:)