Monday, March 12, 2012

"Oh Good, You're Not Dead!"

Cub waiting to make a hoop
T Bear taking out the trash

KK -

There is a very common thing that happens when you become a mother.  Your child sleeps longer than you expected, and you start to worry if they are still alive in their bed.  It is a morbid thought, but honestly that is what happens.  You can't control it.

Well, last week I went home to Boise to have our mom, Miga, take of me and my boys.

One morning I heard Miga get up with my boys early in the morning, so took advantage of the opportunity to peacefully stay in bed a few more minutes.  After some quiet early morning rest, Miga came into my room and carefully started looking at me.  I rolled over, and she said, "Oh good, you're not dead!"

Immediately I told Miga that I thought that "motherly instinct" would end when your children become adults.  She told me it never ends.  I let out a big "UGH!" and rolled out of bed to go find my sweet boys.

I like being a mother to my boys, but I also like having my mother around me at the same time.

-Miss T


  1. So relieved to know that I'm not the only one with this paranoia :) Sheesh, I thought it would end after the mister grew out of the baby stage...nope! I'm starting to realize it'll last forever :) Glad you got to go home for the week and be with your family!

  2. HAHA! I haven't yet experienced that, but I believe it. And so funny that it happens to Mom too.