Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Sisters Series: The DGG!


I come from of fairly large family, especially for today’s standards, and I seriously LOVE IT! One of my
favorite things about it though, are all the sisters I have to associate with and look to for examples and
advice. I love all my sisters! Unfortunately, jobs and circumstances have separated us so much that we
are spread out across 5 states with sisters living on both coasts! Then, top it all with growing families,
busy lives, an expensive economy, and balancing vacation and holiday time with other in-laws, we just
don’t see each other very often. It’s such a bummer. It was for that very reason one of my older sisters
proposed a brilliant idea! An annual sister (and sisters-in-law) retreat! The DGG!... aka, the “Duersch
Girls Getaway!” Da Da Da DAAAAAAAAAA!

What the DGG entails is every spring all the sisters gather together in some designated city across the
USA, and spend 3-4 days shopping, seeing the sites, and just gabbing away! It’s so wonderful! I love
being able to catch up with everyone and just have girl time. We all love the arts and so always try to
catch a show and visit museums. It’s a big sacrifice for our husbands who take time off work, manage
the kids at home while we’re all away (22 kids between the lot of us!), and basically fund the trips too.
We’re all so blessed to have supportive husbands! (And for the one single sister, I’m sure her future
spouse will be… He’d better be or he’s not worthy of my sister!)

This year will be our 4th year with DGGs in NYC, Utah, and St. Louis so far!

-Alene Duersch Cutler

*Big thanks to our sister-in-law Alene.  She and our brother Kelv just had a baby!

Baby Xan was born on Oct 20th and Baby Cub was born Nov 2nd.  It will be fun to have cousins so close in age.


  1. The DGG is brilllllliant. And you and your sisters are lovely! What a great way to get to see each other, and make sister time a priority. I love it.

  2. I hope you will be able to continue this great tradition!