Monday, November 29, 2010

Oprah's 12-Day Holiday Give-O-Way!


One of the best things about Oprah is her show were she gives away all of her "favorite things."  I doubt you watched the show the other week because you are studious college student, but this year Oprah did 2 "Favorite Things" shows and she gave away a new car to each studio audience.  How do you get to be one of those lucky people.  

Anyway, Miga subscribes to the O Magazine, and in it they are giving away a selection of gifts from Oprah's "Favorite Things" show to the readers.  Wouldn't you love to be a winner for one of those?  Well, you can be.   

STEP 1:  You need find the hidden icons for each day in the O magazine.  Luckily I bought the O magazine and I will post the code from each hidden icon, so that you and our readers can use it. AWESOME!

STEP 2:  Once a day from November 29th through December 10th, you can enter for a chance to win by logging on to and typing in the appropriate code for that day (found on this blog).  Entering each day will increase your chances of winning.  So do it now!

STEP 3: Let us know if you win anything.  I really want you, my sister, or any of our other "sisters" to win.

Sound fun and easy and awesome and wonderful and exciting and more!!!!

Here is the code for Monday November 29th: 68

Merry Christmas!
-Miss T

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