Sunday, November 14, 2010

H Sisters.

Miss T-

This Saturday I went to a bridal shower that I wish you could have been at. It's for our new cousin-in-law, and let me tell you, a bridal shower is a good place to get sisters together. This is a story about two sets of H Sisters. The HT sisters, and the HM sisters.

HT1 is the sister that is getting married, and for whom we were all attending. She is a sassy gorgeous thing, who is very excited to be getting married. She began the opening of presents, and proceeded to read each card out loud that came with each gift. At one point her sister, whom I will call HT2, decided to start up a little conversation with the cousin next to her. HT1 heard another voice and realized not all of the attention was on her, so she just stopped reading, and began to wait expectantly. A few minutes (ok, it was probably actually only a few seconds) later HT2 finally realized that all of the attention was now on her and she didn't even know why. Then she realized she shouldn't be talking, as HT1 cleared her throat, gave her a LOOK, and continued to read.

The rest of us sat in shock of what we had just seen, trying to compute if it was real, or some kind of joke. HT2 was obviously embarrassed. Fortunately at this point HT1 giggled and the rest of us burst into laughter at her sassy behavior. Here is where we introduce the HM sisters. HM1 is going to be HT1's new mother-in-law. HM2 is a HM sister-in-law.

Just after we all giggled about HT1's dramatic demand for attention and politeness from her own sister, HM2 made the observation across the room to HM3 (another HM sister) "Now isn't that just something HM1 would do?" HM1 is the sweetest little aunt I've ever seen whom upon appearance you would think could never hurt a fly. However, what her sisters know about her is that she has spunk. HM3 let out a shriek of glee at the realization that the to-be daughter-in-law and mother-in-law had such a similar sassy quality. HM4 got in on the joke too and the room was full of giggly sisters.

I give kudos to HM2, who is a sister-in-law who knows her sisters well enough and has wit, to give us all a good laugh. Getting a new mother-in-law certainly has got to be an overwhelming experience. Thank goodness you sometimes a get a few new sisters to go with it.

Love you Sis!
Love, Kk


  1. Hilarious! I wish I could have been there. I can just picture it. Not that we need more sassy women in our family, but if they come we will welcome them with open arms.

  2. Tee Hee--since I know the HM parties, this really tickles me.