Thursday, September 30, 2010

Surviving the 36th Week


I am in my 36th week of pregnancy. The heartburn is killing me! But what I am most concerned about is surviving this week without ending up in the hospital. I know, that sounds overly dramatic, but I am reminded of my first pregnancy two and half years ago.

I was 36 weeks pregnant with T Bear. After work, I ran over to my favorite people's house, the Christensens. As I was leaving I tripped down their front steps and landed flat on my stomach on the cement sidewalk. Although it hurt, the pain was what terrified me to the core.

Immediately, I called Dave, who was in an interview. He left and took me straight to the hospital. They ended up keeping me in the hospital over night.

Fortunately, the baby was fine and in the end there was only slight damage to the placenta.

This time around I still find myself struggling with being klutzy, and it makes me nervous. On Monday, I was pushing the stroller up a hill, when I slipped and fell back down the hill. My leg has scrapes to prove it.

Then I find myself just tripping and running into walls. So yes, I need to survive this week without ending up in the hospital.

Maybe I should wear T Bear's helmet this week. Do they make helmets for pregnant bellies?

Wish me luck!

-Miss T

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A favorite Quote.

Hey Miss T,

I was asked for a favorite quote. This question is like what it would be like to pick something out to wear if your closet was your favorite store and you loved everything you owned. Wouldn't you agree that there are a lot of profound statements in this world, that are very worthy of being someone's favorite quote or saying? From age old adages to Japanese kotowazas, from good common sense nursery rhymes, to inspired pearls of wisdom. There sure are a lot of good quotes.

A few good ideas ran through my head, but then I remembered this one, from the late Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. Perhaps because I am so looking forward to this upcoming General Conference, my thoughts were searching through the catalogs of memories of past talks and quotes that have uplifted, encouraged, inspired and blessed me. In his quiet and profound way, Elder Wirthlin shed some light on the difference between an earthly view of humanity with in the confines of mortal time, and the view that is uninhibited by mortal measure, seeing a full range of potential and possibility. He said,

"We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever."

Isn't it nice that someone doesn't see you for only who you were today? For the way you rammed into that girl at the intra-mural flag football game? For the cookie you ate in the library even though you know food is not allowed in the library? For the quiz that you bombed because you left your book on the floor this morning and didn't complete the reading? I have a hard time getting past some of that sometimes. But wow. Someone can see past that? Yes. Heavenly Father knows our deepest potential, and often times a sister has a little more foresight as well.

So tonight, a quote I love is that one. And now, I want to hear a quote you love. You know you know a lot of them...I'll pose the question that was asked me. What's your favorite quote?


Monday, September 27, 2010

"I feel like a WOMAN!"

Wasn't it a great weekend?  I love it when I can say that on a Monday.

Here were the highlights of the Women's Fitness Celebration.

1.  A great sister picture.  Plus sister cuddles time and bonding time, which included KK painting my toenails for me!  That was a first.

2. Celebrating womanhood (and sisterhood) with my mom, grandma, sister, sister-in-law, cousins, roommates, friends and more.  I waddled down the 5K route (only stopping to buy TUMS at a gas station) and then ate great food in the park.  We watched the General Relief Society Broadcast, then watched a great chic flick, had ice cream & chocolate sauce and laughed about many "girly" things.

3. At Sunday dinner before everyone left for home, someone asked if Big D was able to watch the BYU football and BSU football games the day before.  I say no because he went and did a Leukimia Walk for Claire with Troy that night.  From the large table with 8 women sitting at it, there was an audible "Ooohhhhh!"  They just thought Big D was the sweetest thing ever.  And confirmed that he is.  Here is proof of his sweet choice from Saturday:

Already looking forward to Women's Fitness 2011 (and I will not be pregnant then, so it will be so much better!!).  And you are all invited!!!

-Miss T

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coming Home for the CELEBRATION

Woohoo! Miss T-

I am stoked!!! I am coming home for the St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration Walk/Run/Stroll and SO ARE YOU! This is the ultimate sisters event for many years has Miga been bringing us home to do this? It's amazing.
September 2006

Here are some of my favorite memories of the Women's Fitness Celebration:
-Wearing the T-shirt! Always some snazzy figure on it :D
-Seeing our breath because it's cold!
-Stretching while we wait in mass huddle to start. Just to let everyone know how hard-core-runner we are.
-The arm dance! (Up down, up down, shake 5,6,7,8...)
-The hill up to the Train Depot....Ganbatte ne!
-The free water stations that we drink at...because that's how intense we are.
-Passing by Grandma Cutler's old condo
-That very deceiving stretch when you run by the park, but they make you run PAST it, and then back to it.
-Tuxedo Row! Remember seeing our elementary school principle Mr. Vanskiver in it?
-The finish line! And the men at the top looking out with binoculars so they can put in your race number to find your name, and call it out as you cross so you feel like a major celebrity!
-The yogurt and frozen fruit cups with granola!
-Free chocolate milk!
-Free water!
-Good music!
-Being with sisters, cousins, aunts, roommates, friends, grandmas, aunts, and...did I mention SISTERS!?

I can't wait to see you. Another great year. All you other sisters, you are officially invited to join us next September.

-Sister 5k Runner KK

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Licensed House: Any Q's

Remember this house KK?

This is a house with license plates adhered to the back side of the house.  Odd, isn't it?  It brings to mind some questions:

First of all, WHY?  Why do you decide to put license plates on your house?

Where do get all of these license plates?  

Does someone work for the DMV?

Did someone actively try to collect a lot of license plates from friends, family and/or strangers?

Did they wait until they had a lot of license plates to put them up, or was this a gradual display?

How many different states are represented?

Do they often get strangers taking pictures of the back of their house like we did?
Would you ever be willing to do this to your house?

Any more questions?

And if you are bored and have some time to surf the internet, check out these sites.

Ok GO Music Video - awesome!

Artistic Baby Blog - Mind blowing!

Feeling Random,
-Miss T

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Policy: No Answering Unknown Numbers

Hey Miss T!

I have adopted the policy to never answer unknown numbers. I don't know why it took me so long. It was just the curiosity that used to get the best of me I suppose. I did my time answering automated-man-lady-credit-card-scam-voice calls. I answered plenty of wrong numbers. I answered wack-o prank calls. I answered the calls of people that I never wanted to talk to. I did it all, and it wasn't until 5 months ago that I decided that I was done with all of that. Can I just tell you it has been life changing?

I have decided that it helps me to be more honest. Let me explain. It is straight up truth that sometimes I don't have any desire to talk on the phone. I think you may know what I mean. Sometimes, there are certain people that I would rather not talk to, because in that moment there are more important duties or obligations to attend to. Now before you think I'm so cold and harsh, just remember that when I am sitting in class and need to give my respect and attention to the teacher, it is best to just let the phone ring. At any rate, I basically only answer my phone now when I want to talk to the person who calls. Here is how it helps me be honest. If I honestly don't want to talk to whoever is calling, then if I just don't answer, I don't have to talk to them, or tell them how much I don't want to be talking to them.

Why I even mention this to you is because lately I have had an odd number of calls from numbers I do not know! Strange. So I've not been answering my phone, and I've just been very grateful that I adopted this policy. This is something that you were on top of long ago. I know. It's just one of those things you are already sensible at and it had to take me a bit longer to understand.

At least you can know that as long as I'm available, I will always answer your call.

-Aunty KK

Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting for Love


The first time T Bear said "I love you" on his own, meaning no prompting, or solicitation, was to a sweet baby girl.  Eventually he said it to Big D.  I have been patiently waiting for Troy to tell me that he loves me.

This morning T Bear woke up at 6:55am.  I brought him into bed with me since Big D was already at work.  We were cuddling as started to truly wake up for the day.  This is how our conversation went:

T Bear: "I love you" (very mumbled)

Miss T: "What sweetie?"

T Bear: "I love you."

Miss T:  "I love you.  That makes me very happy.  Thank you."

T Bear: "Is Jesus happy?"

Miss T: "Yes. Jesus is happy when we love other people."

T Bear: "And Heavenly Father is happy?"

Miss T: "Yes."

T Bear: "Is the computer fixed?"

Miss T: "Yes."

And that was that.  We moved on and got up to start our day together.  What I realized is that it is worth waiting for love and that it is wonderful to tell people that you love them.


And to everyone else, I love you too!

Lots of love,
-Miss T

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spam Snobbery

Dear Miss T,

Snobbery. It comes in many forms doesn't it?

Wikipedia enlightens us with the definition of snobbery as "A snob is someone who adopts the worldview of snobbery — that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, taste, beauty, et cetera." It further describes that "Snobbery existed even in medieval feudal aristocratic Europe, when the clothing, manners, language and tastes of every class were strictly codified by customs or law."

These days our snobbery is so much more than a high-class wealthy European in a movie with a snooty role and amazing clothing. Our snobbery extends much further than that. Let's think of a few.

Do you know any bread snobs? (Big D, this is not a jab at you, I'm just stating the facts) People who refuse to eat the cheap-o white bread that your sandwich (sammich) used to be made out of as a kid.

Do you know any book snobs? People who only read a certain class of book? Harry Potter is just too fiction for them, and of course it all has to end up happily ever after which is so unrealistic.

How about shoe snobs? People who think that the only purpose for a pair of rubbery sneakers from Payless is to drop off at DI.

Well, I make no judgments on anyone who may or may not fit into one of these categories, because let's be honest, we're all snobs when it comes to one thing or another. That's just an unfortunate truth of the human nature that we must try to tame. Well I discovered I was a snob when I was over in Hawaii. I discovered that I was a SPAM snob.

I was reminded of this today because I had SPAM MUSUBI today and it was wonderful!!

Before going to Hawaii, I had never had Spam before. Come on now, fess up all of you. Be honest with yourself. Have you ever had Spam before? When you hear the word Spam do you squirm just a little in your seat, and think "oh gross"? Did your brother make a music video to Weird Al's parody song about Spam detailing how gross it is?

I admit I had these very problems, and when I went to Hawaii, I learned that people had a different view of Spam. They love it! They find it to be delicious? Oh yes. And they cook it with eggs and rice for breakfast, they put it in a sandwich (sammich) for lunch, and they cut it up and put it in the soup for dinner. But the best way of all to eat Spam is of course Spam Musubi. Rice and spam wrapped in seaweed.

I simply must tell you that I came down off of my Spam snobbery shelf and grew to love Spam. It's delicious. Still grosses me out to think about what it is...but mostly I view it as an affordable, delicious way to get some sodium loaded protein.

I invite you to come off of a snob shelf and try something new this week. Spam? Go for it! Let me know what you think.

Love your Spam eating sister.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Try a helmet.

Need to spice up your life KK?  Try a helmet.

You can wear a helmet while you:

-Color a thank you card
-Poop on the potty
-Bake cookies
-Enjoy a go-gurt
-Ride in the car
-Mail a poop box
-Blow bubbles

But be sure to take your helmet off when you ride your tricycle and let your BF Claire wear it while she pushes you around.  It is probably safer that way.

Mother of a boy..... -Miss T

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nagashi Soumen

Miss-T Shimai

Ready for a flashback to your mission days?

While you were in Japan serving as a sister missionary, did you ever get to participate in Nagashi Soumen? It's this awesome way to eat soumen noodles, as pictured above.

My friend Ayumu, who I met while a sister missionary in Hawaii, invited B-town and I to come have Nagashi Soumen at his relatives house in Provo. This was a very lucky thing for us, because his family only does this special Nagashi Soumen once a year, despite how AWESOME it is.

They took a rod of bamboo, cut it in half leaving a long half-pipe. Then it was set up in their back yard with water running down. They then placed soumen noodles at the top and let them slide down the pipe, while everyone tried to catch the noodles with chopstickes and put them in their bowl of sauce and little green onions and seaweed bits. It's hilarious, fun, and delicious! Nagashi Soumen!

Isn't it amazing to discover what people love in their culture? Doesn't it just open your eyes? Can you think of anything better than the feelings of gratitude that come for getting a chance to experience something like this?

Thank you for being a shimai Miss T, and helping me love Japan more and more. Thank you for sharing what you love about your culture (which includes your faith) so that others can have their eyes opened and immense feelings of gratitude as well.

Sometime we should try to do Nagashi Soumen in our backyard, what do you say?

Aishiteru yo!
KK shimai

Monday, September 13, 2010


Miss T, around age 2

Sometimes I behave just like T Bear.

T Bear loves to say, "MOMMY!" He thinks he should have my attention whenever he wants it.

I just realized that I still think I should have my mom's attention whenever I want it. I have already called my mom three times today and she has not answered. My 1 yr old side of me thought, "Why is she not available when I need to talk to her! She better not be working." 

Then my mommy brain replayed me telling T Bear, "Sometimes mommy can't talk to you because she has to work. You will have to wait."

AHHHHH!!!! But I want my mommy!!! It's not that I have anything important to tell her. I just like talking to her and talking to her about myself. How rude, right? I need to work on suppressing this 2 yr old side of me. 

Don't we all want our mom's attention whenever we want?

-Miss T
*Mom, if you read this call me!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Listening to College Football

Hey Miss T,

I'm sitting here doing homework (well, now I'm writing this, but I was doing homework just a minute ago) and listening to the BYU vs. Airforce football game. It's playing in the kitchen from Bert's computer.

I had a flashback.

It's Saturday morning. It's crisp and cool outside. The leaves are beginning to fall. There are shin guards and cleats in the mudroom. Someone is practicing the piano. I just finished cleaning my half of the bathroom, and am ready to find out what my next Saturday job is. As I near the garage door I hear a muffled man's voice. I open the door and see Dad's back to me, and suddenly he gasps out "NO!" and I watch him fist jab in frustration. I look up and see the old black boom box. That is the source of the muffled man's voice. The announcer voice is shouting out words like "5 yards to go, 3rd down" and "snap to so-and-so" and "that was a 15 yard run, 9:42 to go." Dad's at his workbench, working on some little project, and listening to the game.

I remember wondering how he could stand to listen to a football game? What were they even saying? Could he really tell what was going on just by hearing some guy say the plays? Did I even know what a play was? Wasn't that totally boring?

Oh how time does tell. Who would ever have thought that 15 years down the road that I would be spending my Saturday in pattern after my father, listening to the BYU football game? I'll just be straight up honest with you--I'd rather be watching it. But we don't have cable. I am of free will and choice listening to the game however, and enjoying it. Adding a fit pump or jab here or there according to what happens (mostly today it's a disappointed fist jab). And when I listen, I don't understand everything, but I understand enougg. What's better is that I listen with people who understand perfectly what's going on, so they give me the down low. There is just something great about college football though, and I hope I'll be like Dad later in life as well, working the little radio and keeping the enthusiasm for my Alma mater alive and well.

Amongst this talk of football, we've also talked a little bit of the history of our BYU cougars. We definitely talked about the year 2000 for the cougars, which was your freshman year at BYU. Remember how everyone would cheer "LUuuuuuke!" and it sounded almost like a boo? I know of that team only because of you. A little college ball lovin' goes a long way in a family.

We also talk of the other college teams, because thankfully my roommate Bert loves college football more than she loves chips and salsa. To make matters more interesting, she is an Idahoan who hates BSU football. How you can do that? Why would you do that? I do not know and neither does she. She knows she has no viable reason for her intense dislike, but nonetheless it is there. So we have our chats about those games, and the Smurf turf, and how the only thing Bert hates more than BSU football is the devil.

Oh how I love college football. I can hardly believe that I really typed that, and that really it is true.

So in case you are missing or do miss the BYU game today Miss T, I'll have you know it's not pretty for us right now, but our guys seem to enjoy making a good come-back after half-time. So let's see how that goes.

Love, Aunty KK

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Hot Mama!


I went home to Boise for the weekend to avoid being alone while Big D is on a backpacking adventure for 10 days.  While I was there, Miga and I traded "services."

My goal for the weekend was to make a T-shirt quilt in honor of my 10 year high school reunion that I did not attend, and make some adorable felt boards.  Miga's quilting and sewing skills helped me manage through the projects and they turned out not amazing, but successful.  We decided, that we are good at making craft projects less "crafty" and intense so that we can actually enjoy them.

My "services" to Miga, came in the form of fashion (shocking for some of you that know me!).  First of all, I brought her this adorable sweater from H&M.  Then the next day we were at Costco and saw a vendor display for maternity clothes.  The clothes were by Lilac, "clothing for every body."  That means that it is not just for pregnant woman, but for everyone.  I bought a shirt and a pair of jeans.  I tried them on that night and loved them!  I had Miga try them on as well.  This why she loved them (taken from the tag):

-Tummy Trimmer helps eliminate the "muffin top". or midsection overhang.
-Get the look of a low-rise jean while remaining modest when bending over.
-300% stretch denim, doesn't "stretch out."
-Adjustable internal waistband to tailor jeans to your body.
-Tummy Trimmer doubles as a panel for those who are pregnant. (well this is the reason, I liked the pants.)

The amazing part is that my mom actually went back to Costco and bought a pair of jeans.  She hasn't own or worn jeans in 20 years!!!!!!  These Lilac jeans are amazing (and cheaper at Costco).  

To finish off the outfit, we bought her a snazzy necklace and Target, and WALAA! One Hot Mama!  Don't you think so?

Thanks for a great weekend Miga!

-Miss T

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear Kaikua'ana (which means older sister in Hawaiian),

I'm a little Hawaii-homesick today. Do you see the logo on the back of the man's T-shirt in this photo?

Yes, it's a little blurry because yes, I was a little creepy-stalkerish as I took this photo. I was just walking along, minding my own business on my way to the McDonald building when the big U with the down-arrow caught my eye. Instantly I felt like I was back in Hawaii.

Miss T, this symbol is EVERYWHERE in Hawaii. It's a bumper sticker on people's cars, it's spray painted on the few speed limit signs they have posted, it's pasted on school kids binders, it's painted on windows, it's on people's cargo shorts, it's embroidered on hats I'm sure, it's on signs made for itself with only the purpose of having that logo on it, and I'm pretty sure it's tattooed on half of the tattooed population.

In the early days of my mission, as I walked around the streets just trying to take in the relaxed atmosphere, the couches sitting outside as if the garage extended into just another portion of house (because the weather is so temperate and perfect you don't have to worry about damage, and why not sit outside comfortably if you can?), and the blue stop signs, I began to see this U-arrow image everywhere. I also heard a lot about UH, or the University of Hawaii. Using my logical thinking skills, I put these two ideas together and came up with the idea, "Oh that sign is the logo or trademark or pride of the University of Hawaii!" It could work, right?

It wasn't until my last month and a half of mission, when my new companion asked me "What's with that U with the arrow?" that I ever realized that my assumption could be wrong. She was totally unimpressed with my answer "Well I think it has to do with the University of Hawaii." No. Why would a professional institution allow their logo to become graffiti? Why would a university logo be so absolutely well known? So she asked someone else, and the someone else mentioned that actually the sign means "U Down?" as in "You down with that?" or "Do you like this plan?" That does make a littler more sense for it to mean that...if you know something different that it really means, please do enlighten me.

Whatever the true meaning of that sign is, I am down with going back to Hawaii. You down?

Aloha. Love, Your Kaikaina

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodbye Seattle

My College Co-Ed,

So glad to hear about your first day/week of school.  Unfortunately my first week of "school" was ruined by not having my computer (hence the lack of blogs).  I barely survived without having a computer - pathetic!

Although I hope you are living it up at BYU, I want you to know that we miss you in Seattle.

Big D has been collecting items that you have left.  He has been disappointed because he thought you would have left more items.  Here is the run down so far:

-Bobby pins
-Northgate Community Center T-shirt
-2 packets of hot chocolate (I drank them though - thanks)
-Ballet shoes (your tan ones)
-Bangle bracelets (which I am now wearing - thanks)

T Bear and I are adjusting to not having you around.  We miss you hanging out with us and helping around the apartments.  If I ask T Bear "Where is KK?", he says "at BYU!"  He was very hesitant to start sleeping in your bed.  But we told him that you gave it to him before you left.  He is now proud to be a big boy sleeping in your bed.

You are always welcome back in SEATTLE.

Love,  Miss T

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Day of School

Hey Miss graduate from Frontier elementary, Lowell Scott Middle, Centennial High, and Brigham Young University,

First day of school jitters. Remember those? So excited to wear new clothes. So nervous to see your classmates that you haven't seen all summer. So excited to write with you new pencils and pens on fresh lined-notebook paper. So nervous to get your first assignment. So excited to see who your new teachers are. So nervous that you might spill food on yourself (and your new clothes) at lunch. So excited to be in a grade higher.

I'll just let you know that I successfully made it through not only the first day of school, but also the entire first week! Information overload? That's an understatement. Rekindled fire to learn? Oh yeah baby! It's a BON-FIRE! Books, lectures, assignments, I love it all. I was walking on campus and the thought came to me "Enjoy this while you are here, because you don't get to be a full time student for life."

So, I know this full time student life will end, but the good news is there is much to learn beyond the formal education years. And maybe I'll keep the tradition of new school clothes even when I don't go back to school? What do you think? Just something to freshen up the year, and to remind me to continue to learn? I think it's a keeper. I think a new backpack:

Or a sweet shoulder bag:

Or a new blouse:

Would give me confidence like this:

to dominate the coming school year.

Here's to a new year of learning!

Sister Pursuant of a Recreation Management degree, BYU