Sunday, September 5, 2010

Goodbye Seattle

My College Co-Ed,

So glad to hear about your first day/week of school.  Unfortunately my first week of "school" was ruined by not having my computer (hence the lack of blogs).  I barely survived without having a computer - pathetic!

Although I hope you are living it up at BYU, I want you to know that we miss you in Seattle.

Big D has been collecting items that you have left.  He has been disappointed because he thought you would have left more items.  Here is the run down so far:

-Bobby pins
-Northgate Community Center T-shirt
-2 packets of hot chocolate (I drank them though - thanks)
-Ballet shoes (your tan ones)
-Bangle bracelets (which I am now wearing - thanks)

T Bear and I are adjusting to not having you around.  We miss you hanging out with us and helping around the apartments.  If I ask T Bear "Where is KK?", he says "at BYU!"  He was very hesitant to start sleeping in your bed.  But we told him that you gave it to him before you left.  He is now proud to be a big boy sleeping in your bed.

You are always welcome back in SEATTLE.

Love,  Miss T

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  1. Hahahah! Oh...I miss Seattle and YOU! Also, look in your refrigerator. I left my bleach. Don't tell Dave.