Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Hot Mama!


I went home to Boise for the weekend to avoid being alone while Big D is on a backpacking adventure for 10 days.  While I was there, Miga and I traded "services."

My goal for the weekend was to make a T-shirt quilt in honor of my 10 year high school reunion that I did not attend, and make some adorable felt boards.  Miga's quilting and sewing skills helped me manage through the projects and they turned out not amazing, but successful.  We decided, that we are good at making craft projects less "crafty" and intense so that we can actually enjoy them.

My "services" to Miga, came in the form of fashion (shocking for some of you that know me!).  First of all, I brought her this adorable sweater from H&M.  Then the next day we were at Costco and saw a vendor display for maternity clothes.  The clothes were by Lilac, "clothing for every body."  That means that it is not just for pregnant woman, but for everyone.  I bought a shirt and a pair of jeans.  I tried them on that night and loved them!  I had Miga try them on as well.  This why she loved them (taken from the tag):

-Tummy Trimmer helps eliminate the "muffin top". or midsection overhang.
-Get the look of a low-rise jean while remaining modest when bending over.
-300% stretch denim, doesn't "stretch out."
-Adjustable internal waistband to tailor jeans to your body.
-Tummy Trimmer doubles as a panel for those who are pregnant. (well this is the reason, I liked the pants.)

The amazing part is that my mom actually went back to Costco and bought a pair of jeans.  She hasn't own or worn jeans in 20 years!!!!!!  These Lilac jeans are amazing (and cheaper at Costco).  

To finish off the outfit, we bought her a snazzy necklace and Target, and WALAA! One Hot Mama!  Don't you think so?

Thanks for a great weekend Miga!

-Miss T

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  1. Woooooow! Smokin'! Really. Miga you look great. And we are sweater twins now. :D That was a great exchange of services. I wonder what exchange I can work out when I go home...:D