Monday, September 13, 2010


Miss T, around age 2

Sometimes I behave just like T Bear.

T Bear loves to say, "MOMMY!" He thinks he should have my attention whenever he wants it.

I just realized that I still think I should have my mom's attention whenever I want it. I have already called my mom three times today and she has not answered. My 1 yr old side of me thought, "Why is she not available when I need to talk to her! She better not be working." 

Then my mommy brain replayed me telling T Bear, "Sometimes mommy can't talk to you because she has to work. You will have to wait."

AHHHHH!!!! But I want my mommy!!! It's not that I have anything important to tell her. I just like talking to her and talking to her about myself. How rude, right? I need to work on suppressing this 2 yr old side of me. 

Don't we all want our mom's attention whenever we want?

-Miss T
*Mom, if you read this call me!


  1. i need mom to answer her phone too! i love it when she does!

  2. ps: that picture of you is adorable...and now you have a real kitchen...and still cute as ever.