Saturday, September 11, 2010

Listening to College Football

Hey Miss T,

I'm sitting here doing homework (well, now I'm writing this, but I was doing homework just a minute ago) and listening to the BYU vs. Airforce football game. It's playing in the kitchen from Bert's computer.

I had a flashback.

It's Saturday morning. It's crisp and cool outside. The leaves are beginning to fall. There are shin guards and cleats in the mudroom. Someone is practicing the piano. I just finished cleaning my half of the bathroom, and am ready to find out what my next Saturday job is. As I near the garage door I hear a muffled man's voice. I open the door and see Dad's back to me, and suddenly he gasps out "NO!" and I watch him fist jab in frustration. I look up and see the old black boom box. That is the source of the muffled man's voice. The announcer voice is shouting out words like "5 yards to go, 3rd down" and "snap to so-and-so" and "that was a 15 yard run, 9:42 to go." Dad's at his workbench, working on some little project, and listening to the game.

I remember wondering how he could stand to listen to a football game? What were they even saying? Could he really tell what was going on just by hearing some guy say the plays? Did I even know what a play was? Wasn't that totally boring?

Oh how time does tell. Who would ever have thought that 15 years down the road that I would be spending my Saturday in pattern after my father, listening to the BYU football game? I'll just be straight up honest with you--I'd rather be watching it. But we don't have cable. I am of free will and choice listening to the game however, and enjoying it. Adding a fit pump or jab here or there according to what happens (mostly today it's a disappointed fist jab). And when I listen, I don't understand everything, but I understand enougg. What's better is that I listen with people who understand perfectly what's going on, so they give me the down low. There is just something great about college football though, and I hope I'll be like Dad later in life as well, working the little radio and keeping the enthusiasm for my Alma mater alive and well.

Amongst this talk of football, we've also talked a little bit of the history of our BYU cougars. We definitely talked about the year 2000 for the cougars, which was your freshman year at BYU. Remember how everyone would cheer "LUuuuuuke!" and it sounded almost like a boo? I know of that team only because of you. A little college ball lovin' goes a long way in a family.

We also talk of the other college teams, because thankfully my roommate Bert loves college football more than she loves chips and salsa. To make matters more interesting, she is an Idahoan who hates BSU football. How you can do that? Why would you do that? I do not know and neither does she. She knows she has no viable reason for her intense dislike, but nonetheless it is there. So we have our chats about those games, and the Smurf turf, and how the only thing Bert hates more than BSU football is the devil.

Oh how I love college football. I can hardly believe that I really typed that, and that really it is true.

So in case you are missing or do miss the BYU game today Miss T, I'll have you know it's not pretty for us right now, but our guys seem to enjoy making a good come-back after half-time. So let's see how that goes.

Love, Aunty KK

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  1. When I was home last weekend, Dad had the radio going all day in the garage. I was able to actually watch the game. Pretty sad ending for the Cougars. And believe it or not, I love college football too, but actually going to the games ranks much higher than listening.