Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Day of School

Hey Miss graduate from Frontier elementary, Lowell Scott Middle, Centennial High, and Brigham Young University,

First day of school jitters. Remember those? So excited to wear new clothes. So nervous to see your classmates that you haven't seen all summer. So excited to write with you new pencils and pens on fresh lined-notebook paper. So nervous to get your first assignment. So excited to see who your new teachers are. So nervous that you might spill food on yourself (and your new clothes) at lunch. So excited to be in a grade higher.

I'll just let you know that I successfully made it through not only the first day of school, but also the entire first week! Information overload? That's an understatement. Rekindled fire to learn? Oh yeah baby! It's a BON-FIRE! Books, lectures, assignments, I love it all. I was walking on campus and the thought came to me "Enjoy this while you are here, because you don't get to be a full time student for life."

So, I know this full time student life will end, but the good news is there is much to learn beyond the formal education years. And maybe I'll keep the tradition of new school clothes even when I don't go back to school? What do you think? Just something to freshen up the year, and to remind me to continue to learn? I think it's a keeper. I think a new backpack:

Or a sweet shoulder bag:

Or a new blouse:

Would give me confidence like this:

to dominate the coming school year.

Here's to a new year of learning!

Sister Pursuant of a Recreation Management degree, BYU

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