Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Policy: No Answering Unknown Numbers

Hey Miss T!

I have adopted the policy to never answer unknown numbers. I don't know why it took me so long. It was just the curiosity that used to get the best of me I suppose. I did my time answering automated-man-lady-credit-card-scam-voice calls. I answered plenty of wrong numbers. I answered wack-o prank calls. I answered the calls of people that I never wanted to talk to. I did it all, and it wasn't until 5 months ago that I decided that I was done with all of that. Can I just tell you it has been life changing?

I have decided that it helps me to be more honest. Let me explain. It is straight up truth that sometimes I don't have any desire to talk on the phone. I think you may know what I mean. Sometimes, there are certain people that I would rather not talk to, because in that moment there are more important duties or obligations to attend to. Now before you think I'm so cold and harsh, just remember that when I am sitting in class and need to give my respect and attention to the teacher, it is best to just let the phone ring. At any rate, I basically only answer my phone now when I want to talk to the person who calls. Here is how it helps me be honest. If I honestly don't want to talk to whoever is calling, then if I just don't answer, I don't have to talk to them, or tell them how much I don't want to be talking to them.

Why I even mention this to you is because lately I have had an odd number of calls from numbers I do not know! Strange. So I've not been answering my phone, and I've just been very grateful that I adopted this policy. This is something that you were on top of long ago. I know. It's just one of those things you are already sensible at and it had to take me a bit longer to understand.

At least you can know that as long as I'm available, I will always answer your call.

-Aunty KK

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  1. Finally!!! You do not have to be available to talk to everyone all the time, especially if you do not know who is calling. If they really need you, they will leave a message or find some other way to get ahold of you. Welcome to the club.