Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting for Love


The first time T Bear said "I love you" on his own, meaning no prompting, or solicitation, was to a sweet baby girl.  Eventually he said it to Big D.  I have been patiently waiting for Troy to tell me that he loves me.

This morning T Bear woke up at 6:55am.  I brought him into bed with me since Big D was already at work.  We were cuddling as started to truly wake up for the day.  This is how our conversation went:

T Bear: "I love you" (very mumbled)

Miss T: "What sweetie?"

T Bear: "I love you."

Miss T:  "I love you.  That makes me very happy.  Thank you."

T Bear: "Is Jesus happy?"

Miss T: "Yes. Jesus is happy when we love other people."

T Bear: "And Heavenly Father is happy?"

Miss T: "Yes."

T Bear: "Is the computer fixed?"

Miss T: "Yes."

And that was that.  We moved on and got up to start our day together.  What I realized is that it is worth waiting for love and that it is wonderful to tell people that you love them.


And to everyone else, I love you too!

Lots of love,
-Miss T

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  1. oh. I like this blog. Ok...i will be patient in all aspects of my life that require waiting for love...:D I love you too. I'm so glad T-bear finally said it to you! He's always felt it, and known it, but yes, it is just good to say and hear it.