Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nagashi Soumen

Miss-T Shimai

Ready for a flashback to your mission days?

While you were in Japan serving as a sister missionary, did you ever get to participate in Nagashi Soumen? It's this awesome way to eat soumen noodles, as pictured above.

My friend Ayumu, who I met while a sister missionary in Hawaii, invited B-town and I to come have Nagashi Soumen at his relatives house in Provo. This was a very lucky thing for us, because his family only does this special Nagashi Soumen once a year, despite how AWESOME it is.

They took a rod of bamboo, cut it in half leaving a long half-pipe. Then it was set up in their back yard with water running down. They then placed soumen noodles at the top and let them slide down the pipe, while everyone tried to catch the noodles with chopstickes and put them in their bowl of sauce and little green onions and seaweed bits. It's hilarious, fun, and delicious! Nagashi Soumen!

Isn't it amazing to discover what people love in their culture? Doesn't it just open your eyes? Can you think of anything better than the feelings of gratitude that come for getting a chance to experience something like this?

Thank you for being a shimai Miss T, and helping me love Japan more and more. Thank you for sharing what you love about your culture (which includes your faith) so that others can have their eyes opened and immense feelings of gratitude as well.

Sometime we should try to do Nagashi Soumen in our backyard, what do you say?

Aishiteru yo!
KK shimai

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  1. I never did that! tanoshii soo!!!! I want to come next year.