Thursday, March 3, 2011

Special Sisters Series: Code RED

Breanna is a dear friend from high school and college.  She has too many siblings for me to count but they all are truly amazing.  Breanna is raising her 2 boys with one more on the way deep in the heart of TX.  

Today Dustin called to let me know that his grandparents were in town and they wanted to stop by
and say hi before they went back to Oklahoma. They were supposed to be there "shortly". Let me tell
you about his grandma. She's the kind of person who keeps a house that would put any OCD to shame.
Immaculate. Top to bottom. Spiders wouldn't dream of entering her front door. They know better.
When I know she's coming I spend days cleaning and scrubbing and still feel bad that I didn't have
time to clean my garbage pail or the inside shelves of my cupboards. So when he said they would be
there 'shortly' and I look around to realize that it's 10:30, the kids and I are still not bathed or dressed
and the house is a mess I panic. 'CODE RED!" I shout. "CODE RED." And then I did just what they do in the movies. I opened drawers in my kitchen and just started scraping stuff from the counter top into
them. I threw dirty dishes in with the clean ones just to clear out my sink. I even swept stuff under my
rugs. Shameless. Totally shameless. But after all was said and done the house (well the front part) was
presentable and we were all dressed and clean. Who can ask for anything more. And then they came




Awesome. Nothing like a little excitement to break things up.

*Just to brag for her because she won't herself, Breanna had an article published in the February Ensign.  It was awesome!  Read it here.


  1. breanna!!! you are so cute! and i miss you! do you have a blog? it needs to be linked to here so i can read up on your family. i can't believe you are going to be a momma of 3 soon! you are probably the most amazing mom.

    i love this story. and i really appreciated your story in the ensign. i have that very same problem so often and it's something i am really trying to work on!

  2. Hah- how funny. Breanna & I are in Primary together in our ward in Texas! What a small world :)

  3. LOVE this - ha ha ha - totally sounds like me :) also really enjoyed the article - crazy that kels is in her ward :)