Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ice Castle away the cold weather.

Miss T-

Today as I was walking to campus I had flashback to Seattle. The sun was shining, the weather was slightly crisp, just so that I needed a sweater, but wanted nothing more, and as I walked it was as if I were in the moment that I walked down the Burke-Gilman trail in that yellow dress and felt so happy to be alive and outside.

Spring is coming! It comes in surprise bursts here in UT, because let's face it. Tomorrow it might snow. However, I feel it coming and it makes me so happy. I'm also happy, because I feel that I have finished out winter with a bang. That's because I ice castled away winter. Since when did ice castling become a verb, you say. Since Brent Christensen came to town. Take a look at this:

Last weekend Mr. P took me to see ice castles in Midway. They are made completely with water-no underlying structure of any kind, just pipes running here and there to supply water. Aren't these magnificent?

And if you can believe it, these pictures just don't even do it justice. If you want to see really beautiful pictures check the website. It's just unreal!

So, I am ice castling away the winter, how are you finishing up winter? Are you excited for spring?

Love, Kk

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  1. I am ready for spring. Seattle is a lot closer to seeing spring than utah based off those pictures. It is a good date to go on, because you have to cuddle to stay warm - smart Mr. P!