Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Staying Home


Ok - 2 things.

1 - Do you remember how Mom sometimes lovingly referred to Dad as her "7th child"?  

2 - Do you remember how Mom took care of us when we were sick? It almost made you want to pretend to be sick everyday.

Well, sometimes my Big D is just another one of my baby boys who I take care of daily.  Having said that, here was my day today.

Big D had some oral surgery done this morning.  As I drove him home and his mouth was stuffed with gauze, I was hoping for some hilarious drug-induced conversations like B-town.  Fortunately/unfortunately, Big D was not sedated enough to have had a similar crazy post-operative experience.  

When we got home, I put him in bed.  I delivered him soup, applesauce, juice and drugs.  T Bear and I made pudding for him.  T Bear thought it was incredible to sit in the bed with Daddy and eat pudding and watch TV.  I am pretty sure he was wishing it could be his turn tomorrow.

While Big D rested, watch TV, slept, and drank juice, I ran around doing laundry, preparing 5 days worth of meals, taking the kids to the park, managing nap/quiet time, diapers & potty, and other typical mommy duties.  

By late afternoon, I was in checking on Big D.  He said, "This is great, I want to stay home with you guys everyday."  I laughed.  I don't think he realized that I would not be able to spend everyday taking care of him, and everything else.  He just liked being pampered and was willing to pretend to be sick to stay with us longer. 

I am not meaning to complain, I rather like being the mommy that takes care of her sick babies.  I like being able to comfort them and love them.  But I can not be Super MOM everyday.  

So thanks Big D, for wanting to be with us all day, but we need you to get better quickly and get back to work so that you can be the one taking care of us.

-Miss T

What a mighty fine MAN!


  1. Ok - I Just watched Brock's wisdom teeth video link that I put on there. Hilarious. LOL I wish Dad would have taped me.

    Also I almost put a picture of Big D's mouth on the blog, but I decided it was too gross.

  2. Oh you good Mom you! Yes I remember being taken care of, and it's crazy to now think that you are the one doing the taking care of!!

    Brock's video IS hilarious, and your video would have been outrageous as well...even into the next week. Jose and I remember "babysitting" you in the front yard because you were still on drugs after your oral surgery. Ha!

    Thanks for sparing us from the details of Big D's gross mouth. No offense Big D.