Friday, March 18, 2011


KK - 

Did you know you can "Dial-a-Story" in Seattle?  Just call 206-386-4656 and you can listen to a story in English, Spanish, or Chinese.  

We taught T Bear how to dial the number and now he asks to do so regularly.  I have saved the number in my cell phone for times that we are out and about.

This month is a story from China about a boy and some swords.  I really should know the story better, since we have listened to it frequently.

Just another great thing about living in Seattle!

-Miss T


  1. You are so cool. Why can't I be as cool as you?

  2. That is just about the greatest thing ever! That could save me in a lot of situations! We are calling seattle soon!

  3. that is awesome. i'm going to remember this next time i am babysitting my niece. she would think that is so cool! or i'm just going to file that one away for when i have a toddler of my own!