Monday, March 28, 2011

We Tried Out 4 Kids

Dear KK-

How was your weekend?

We tried out having 4 kids.  We rented 2 little girls for the weekend to see if we liked having more children.

Just kidding.  We babysat Claire and Little Av for 38 hours, so their parents could have a much needed night away.  It was crazy fun.  Here is what we learned having 4 children ages 3 and under:

-Our car is not big enough to fit 4 kids and car seats. 
-4 kids can entertain and play better together than 2 most of the time.
-3 kids can sleep in one room together at night.
-Balloons make all kids happy.
-You can not keep a house even close to clean with that many kids.
-T Bear got sick of sharing his toys.
-Baby Cub got a lot more hugs and kisses and attention
-T Bear and Claire made a HUGE mess out of water, sand, and dirt.  They thought it was hilarious.
-Big D can handle 4 kids probably better than me because he lets them climb all over him and then he tosses them up in the air.
-Having a baby shower at your house while babysitting is a little extreme, but it all worked out thanks to a lot of help from friends and Big D.  
-I love doing little girls' hair and putting on their girly clothes every day.
-People stare at you in Seattle when you go for a walk with 2 kids in a stroller and 2 kids in a wagon.
-Bubbles also make kids happy.

Mostly I was amazed thinking about how Miga and Poppa raised us 6 kids so close together.  It must have been so much work, but a lot of fun at times too.

Thank you for playing with us Claire and Litte Av.  We would love to do it again! (maybe when KK is here to help us- hint hint)

-Miss T

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  1. You nailed it! Lots of fun but you have to give up on a clean anything.